Accidental Coincidence

Always do not believe in the so-called fate, the materialist often “only I” – believe in yourself, believe in struggle, believe in struggle!

A person so always like to catch some words, games under the language, like to play in the mood of their own territory belongs to their own things.

The text has rightly become my soulmate, and what I think, what I think and what I think is seen in the text is not hidden, it is so naked and real.

The maniac in school, bored seems to go crazy, to the computer, tapping the keyboard, the idea condensed in the network – no name, no one knows the “black” text, I look at myself, as if déjà vu.

Sina’s Blog has been abandoned for a long time, let it be barren and rampant, a mountain of depression and silence, a place that even they have forgotten, never thought there was any life sting.

How long I have been lurking, I do not know, a chance today, for no apparent reason, went to my own self-preservation and saw something that took me particularly by surprise.

This is a message, an anonymous message, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it gave me a little surprise. In this sea of people, it’s rare to have such a surprise.

There are many people with the same name, not just many, but undeniably many. In Changyang there is a and I have the same surname and the same name, this is what I know from the query, in Yichang how many I do not know, Yichang people are many, I can not find out!

In the same city in the same network, a person with the same name as me left a message on my Blog!

Message of 2008-03-05, witnessed on 2008-05-21.

People of the same clan whom I had never met before, with just a few words, made me feel the slightest bit of affection, or rather a kind of encouragement. In this world, how many people with the same name in the same city can have a single word of contact? And how many of them can find another person who is not themselves in the vast network?

For me, I’m afraid this is the only time in my life!

I define this as a coincidence in an accident!

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