It’s good to be home

It’s been another few months since I’ve been home.

It’s May Day again, and I can’t help but go home.

The day of May 1, there has been the unbridled heat of summer, hot sun, no wind, people crowded ……

It was really a holiday, and the station was unusually crowded in the morning, even more so for those going back to Changyang, and it took an hour and a half to get on the bus back home.

I got in, got out, and traveled without a moment’s delay.

The moment of the peak, I saw the long-lost Qingjiang River, still so green, clear and spotless, like a lady standing in my must-see place waiting for my appearance. A few of my companions may be the first time to come to Changyang to the shore of the Qing River, when they saw this picturesque scene like a song, I heard the sound of awe that could not be resisted – I laughed aside ……

The garden full of orange trees is in bloom, a faint fragrance floating in the mountain fields; red cherries like small mouths smiling at me; peaches still hairy hanging on the branches swaying in the wind ……

It was noon when I got home. My mother was picking vegetables and when she saw us coming back, I saw a warm smile that I hadn’t seen in a long time and asked if we had eaten lunch and if we were hungry. Even if you are hungry again, home all of a sudden do not feel any hunger, especially a bit of the closest people in the case of such a question you. Mother head down and busy picking tea, I clear analysis of the root to see the root of the silver wire has almost crawled all over her head. Growing up, but also rarely help mothers do housework, put down the hands of things, allow no rest, and mother picking vegetables together. While chattering, while busy with the matter at hand, the mood is unspeakably soothing.

Washing vegetables with your mother by the cool stream, it’s like being a child again – following behind your mother, listening carefully to her words, doing what you do with your heart, and your mother will praise you for understanding.

At dinner, the family sat down together for a rare occasion. My mother’s cooking still smelled so good, and we talked with my father about our school life, our future work, and our current situation.

My father is an enlightened man, and I have never felt “afraid” of him in my mind, but I feel that he is a person to talk to and a like-minded person. So it was a pleasure to talk with my father, or rather a pleasure.

The number of times I go home now is getting smaller and smaller, and the number of times I go home in the future will be even smaller, my children are all grown up and have to go far away, and my parents can’t pull them, they grow wings and eventually have to go flying high! So I cherish the rare opportunity to be together as a family, and I think my parents feel the same way as I do, enjoying the pleasure of the moment, the mood of the moment!

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