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It’s never too late to plan your needs wholeheartedly

The vast majority of successful people work more than forty hours a week, and they never complain about working too much. Because they are always looking at a specific goal, they add a lot of energy. We want to emphasize here that when you have a real goal and are determined to achieve it, your energy will flow, not only eliminating your boredom and boredom, but even curing many chronic diseases.

Then let’s explore together the power generated by goals. When you pursue your needs, it is easy to generate the ability and enthusiasm needed to reach your goals, plus the ability to make automatic adjustments. The most surprising effect of a fixed goal is that it maintains the right direction and does not go off on a tangent. It works like this: as you pursue your goal, the goal enters your subconscious mind unconsciously. The subconscious mind often automatically maintains balance, which the conscious mind cannot do unless it cooperates with the subconscious mind. A person who lacks the command of the subconscious mind can easily be indecisive and see things differently.

Now, since your goal has entered your consciousness, you will automatically move in the given direction and let the consciousness do the waking thinking. Let’s use two hypothetical people to illustrate this point. These two people are common in real life let’s call them Zhang San and Li Si. Their abilities are similar, but the difference is that Zhang San’s goal is very firm, hoping that “ten years later to become the vice chairman of a company,” while Li Si has no goal. Since Zhang San has a firm goal, his goal will command him through his subconscious: “Do this. Don’t do that thing, it won’t bang you up to your goal.” Zhang San’s goal would direct him in a clear direction. When he buys clothes, the goal will tell him how to choose. It will also tell him “What should I do when I change jobs?” What to say in a meeting to be appropriate? How to resolve conflicts? What books and magazines should I read?” What is the right position to take on a particular issue?” In case of deviation from the right path, the automatic adjustment of the subconscious mind will also warn him and tell him how to return to the right path. Zhang San’s goal makes him very sensitive to all kinds of situations that may affect him. Li Si, on the other hand, he lacks a clear goal, and therefore does not have the ability to adjust automatically, he is easy to fall into confusion, every action are clueless, so they have to guess “what to do” and therefore live very hard.

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