Three areas of development for personal websites

After more than a year of thinking, I feel that there are three areas of personal websites can be developed: one is to professional development. The so-called specialization, such as you can be in a certain field, on your own interest, have a hobby of the field to develop. Like the bus network, I personally think it is a very good professional website, until now has been a person in the maintenance, but it set up a very good community, there are hundreds of website “volunteers” to help him answer the questions raised by netizens of bus routes, which is a very good attempt.

Another one is industrialization. In this year, we all saw the ChemNet’s revenue last year was more than 60 million RMB, but the market value of the company reached 4 billion RMB. An ordinary website can be extended in this way, and there are many industry categories in China, if each industry is focused on doing it, the value generated is very big.

Another is regionalization. Twenty years ago, there were very few TV stations to choose from, because there were very few TV sets at that time, and people could only watch the CCTV, but now I believe that more people watch TV stations at the local level, because it is very difficult to see the news of your hometown on CCTV. Similarly, if we go on the portal, on Sina, Sohu, a year can see some of the things happening in your hometown is very little, as the network becomes more and more popular, I think the local portal, local information is very critical. Now most of the local portals are basically local information ports to do, I think it still has its incompleteness, which also provides a very good opportunity for individual websites.

Make a good personal website from five aspects

In addition to having the opportunity to go commercial, other personal websites also have the opportunity to make money, and the way to do that is through website alliances. With an affiliate to make money, but how can an individual website do better?

First, personal websites must first be constantly innovative. It is to use the best technology to achieve simple applications. Can not be for the sake of technology and technology, make a thing for people to feel, if other people look at your website to say very rich in technology, I think this is not a good product, the best product is to let people feel very good to use, but can not see the technical components. Especially in China, because Chinese Internet users are relatively low-end at the moment. So, if you have a way to build your website in a very simple or very simple way, so that the Internet users are very comfortable to use, this is very valuable.

Second, the patterned application of the Internet. One of the characteristics that makes the Internet great is its replicability. Just like Sina, it must first generate content and countless news before it can go to the page displaying advertisements. But search engines are increasing almost every day, and accordingly can generate advertising positions. So individual websites are very effective if they can be made to replicate quickly and scale quickly.

Third, combine with traditional industries. Traditional industries have great business potential and are not highly informed. At present, it is very difficult to achieve good income and good profit from the Internet, but if effectively combined with traditional industries, that is, to solve the problem of information asymmetry is the most potential.

Fourth, take the path of globalization. Although China is not the largest Internet market at present, I believe it will be the largest Internet market in the world in the near future. Many of China’s models can be copied, especially in countries that are a little bit behind us.

Fifth, before the portal model or search engine model or, most of the Internet users are just observers. But as the network continues to deepen, each netizen is not only a participant, and even a creator, this time to do the largest site is how to effectively integrate resources to allow all people to participate in the network, this model has been part of the verification of people such as Youtube. At that stage, I think the webmaster and the netizens reached a win-win situation. That is to say, now the webmaster can achieve a win-win situation as long as he can think of doing something useful to the netizens and get them involved.

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