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offer sacrifices

Suddenly I found that I was about to leave my student career, and I missed my friends who were already working and still studying in school, and there was something in my heart that was hard to say, like a stump in my throat~

The early 20s, no matter how to say also in the “run Ⅲ” people, we always mature in the constant examination of their own past, hope for their future.

In college, we are not too attentive to study, but in the attentive again and again to skip classes and against their will – crazy play, do not worry about the desired future, just want to be happy, fresh, exciting, only I spend this only four years of college time with a slow speed ~ even if graduation is imminent, we still carefree play WOW, play cards, ignore that difficult graduation design, and that headache of looking for a job!

Maybe we are too proud and too focused on ourselves, so we can ignore the fierce job search and the cruel competition for talents. We always proudly pout our lips and contemptuously drop a sentence: “What’s the hurry~~what’s the fear~~” Yes, we don’t need to be afraid of anything, and we don’t need to rush anything, because I haven’t experienced it yet, so I don’t understand what is “hurry” and what is “fear”. “Fear”! We have only one college in our lives, but may not experience only one job ~ so we naturally do not naturally think that we always play the generation!

In fact, we are not the so-called “proud children of the sky”. We don’t have the strong capital to talk about what pride or not, if we talk, it will make us feel that we are shamelessly mixing with university life. The people who can really be called the pride of heaven are those who can stand the cold, endure the loneliness, meticulous gnawing books. We are not worthy, we are a group of anteaters swimming in this deep sea – think we are great but so small!

I don’t want to belittle myself too much, we have our own dignity and our own goals to strive for.

Silence …… Crazy …… Rational …… Romantic …… What are we missing?!

Can not escape from the inescapable, sooner or later is our ~

During these days away from school, I will be alone with my thoughts. Away from the hustle and bustle, away from the frivolity, away from the comfort …… turns out I can be so peaceful! I am no longer delusional and whimsical impulse to go to Tibet Lhasa, to go to Yunnan Kunming, began to calmly examine.

After some self-inquiry, I realized that I would be so suitable to dissolve into a calm and bland small city not surrounded by prosperity, perhaps the kind of neon-filled, all-seeing prosperous city is out of place with me. My blood, a city blood, depends on whether the blood type can be compatible, a different type A blood, can not integrate their own hot and cold blood into the raging blood flow of the big city, the irreversibility of the destiny, the incompatibility of the destiny, destined to my tranquility and poverty ~.

So, I found many things worthy of my tribute ……

The first time I dared to say “I like you”, now, let me be careful and serious about each fate, no longer frivolous ~ ~.

The tribute to the occasional effort and struggle, today, so that I still have a touch of confidence to face the work and life in the things that are not, to plan and hold ~ ~ ~

The thick diary that I once wrote is now a tribute to the fact that I am no longer indecisive and indecisive, and that I dare to face up to and take responsibility.

A tribute to the suffering and tears once endured, now, let me understand a lot of the true meaning of life, learn to enjoy life ~ ~

The sacrifice of once the recklessness and impulsiveness of youth, now, so that I do not repeat the same old pain, cautious and subtle ~ ~

A tribute to ……

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