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The Sword and the Lake with Wine – Lin Qingxuan

The bright moon was high in the sky, a vast and clean, when suddenly a cloud drifted over and covered his light. Someone sincerely sighs: A piece of the moon is lost in the sky! Perhaps someone praises your innocence, but you don’t know what praise is.

Buddha said “all beings have feelings”, all beings actually have a pearl in their busy hearts, but in the earthly world is covered its light, just like the moon’s light is blocked by dark clouds, but it does not disappear, the moon is still there, only the eyes of people are blinded.

In this “dishwater society” (Lin Qingxuan’s words), the pearl is hidden in the deepest part of the spirit house, full of dust and dirt, only to be awakened by a clear sound, and the dust will be exhausted and the light will come out, shining through the mountains and rivers. Lin Qingxuan is such a dose of clear sound, interpreting a piece of morning bell and evening drum in the soft red dust of the metropolis, turning the sense of impermanence, indifference and frustration in modern people’s existence into the beauty of ethereal flow, dispersing a cloud of dew, and cleansing people’s hearts so thoroughly and serenely for the first time in this materialistic society.

Lin Qingxuan used to be a very successful newspaper man, with fame and status in the society. However, in the eyes of others, Lin Qingxuan was living a very hard and tiring life, as Taiwan newspapers were very competitive and Lin Qingxuan was tired of coping with them. Finally, one day, he made a move that no one around him could understand – he resigned. After that, he went up to the mountains and found a very quiet place to live in seclusion for two years.

Schopenhauer said, “Whenever a man returns from a voyage, he always has something to say.” After coming down from the mountain, Lin Qingxuan re-entered the red world, intending to tell the world what he had learned during this time.

Like Ding Lingwei who turned into a crane and returned to Liao, Lin Qingxuan’s words are out of this world, gentle and mysterious. “As long as one lies soundly, turning every star into a lamp, condensing every breath of air into a harmonious breeze, and all the luxuries are hidden abroad in the clouds and mountains, true purity will come up from the bottom of the lake in a ghostly manner when there is moonlight.”

Lin Qingxuan stood at the end of a high branch, the sky flying immortal like the world independent, spoiled by watching the three thousand mortal dust in the fire burning. It is “heaven and earth are the furnace, creation is the work”, all things flow, but nothing changes. In this red furnace of heaven and earth, human life is as easy to fade away as a piece of snow, but because it is short, so gorgeous.

Lin Qingxuan esteems Buddhism, and he sees the world through the eyes of Zen, a kind of phoenix tail that dissolves Western philosophy and Eastern aesthetics, and a dragon chant that is clear and mysterious, without traces.

Religion, not from beginning to end, is a spiritual anesthesia. Science, art, politics, and love, when developed to the extreme, often eventually meet with religion. Lin Qingxuan swam in the vast and profound ocean of Buddhist art and philosophical thoughts, turning them into breath and dissolving them into his blood. The Buddhism he interprets for us is a Buddhism that has filtered out the dross of negativity and misanthropy, and the wisdom and beauty of optimism can be seen between the lines.

This kind of outlook is a kind of “once upon a time in the sea”, because of the insight of creation, so it can face the relentless abandonment in the unpredictable earthly fate, dashing and free of birth, quite like the style of the high priest in “The New Story of the World”.

However, while some people are eager to place their faith and honor Lin Qingxuan as a master and “saint,” they overlook the deep barbs left in Lin Qingxuan’s life by “Once Upon a Time” and the corpses often hidden under the most beautiful flowers.

Lin Qingxuan is also a man of nature, otherwise how could he come up with such a wonderful, beautiful idea as “warming a pot of moonlight to drink”? As a teenager, Lin Qingxuan was chivalrous, bold and full of fantasy, imagining himself to be a phoenix, standing on a high hill, “a phoenix with a clear spirit spreads its wings and breaks the sky blue”!

In his world full of love, the breakup of his first girlfriend hit him so hard that he once wanted to seek death. Because once loved without reservation, so there is nothing to hide in front of a passion.

“If someone asks me, ‘What is love in this world?’ I would answer, ‘Something that cannot be escaped.’ Even a cold stone touching each other will produce fire, so even cold things have a sensual texture, so how can love escape?” So the moonlight will be warmed by the fire and poured on the uneven blocks in the chest, and the past will be turned into a wisp of smoke, and the favor and disgrace will be forgotten, and all will become cause and effect.

It was only then that I realized that the teenager’s intention was like a frightening dream, playing a clear LIXI sound in a broken dream, and the vast sword energy in my chest was left in the distance in some kind of squandered posture. Perhaps because of the pain, the sword cluster dulled. But in a path taken without discouragement, this wonderful is always remembered and always new.

At this point in the article, the window is already full of stars, “love is not a star in the distant sky”. I seem to hear a noisy era, a wanderer’s wild songs and whispers are buried in the vast darkness of the night, only the sensitivity of the quiet night can hear ……

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