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Friday, October 17 Sunny

Remember that new power

It’s the sound of blood.

It’s the noise of steel

It pierced my heart

It pierced my heart

–The ninth movement

All busy with something.

Going to class, skipping class, shopping, surfing, shopping, staying up late, napping, eating, bathing, writing letters, urinating, singing, falling in love, flooding, bricking, cursing, group vomiting, reading, writing, walking, birthday, treats, returning treats, speculation, narcissism, jealousy, suspicion, cheating, intimidation, crying.

There has been no thinking.

The Chinese do not accept a radical way of thinking and are not accustomed to a radical way of living, but rather settle for an empty, sloppy, easy-going, self-deceiving, compromising way of living. The idealized and theoretical form of this way is the middle. The middle is not harmony. It is not a balance of wisdom, but a compromise of mediocrity, and a juxtaposition of naturalness. The basis of this harmony is naturalness, not spiritual freedom.

For the sake of spiritual freedom, some people choose to be punk. They live day and night in every frightening day, meditate on death in every dreamy day, and think about the future in every nightmare when they first wake up. They think, they scream, they shout, they revolutionize. They hibernate in the long, long night, waiting for the passion that has accumulated for 10,000 years to turn this moderate world upside down.

They live on this little ball of muna that spins around in a black universe without knowing why it is spinning, why it is spinning, where it is going to meet and who it is going to fall in love with, and they are proud of having a strong ideal. They use their radical thinking to destroy the laws of the middle.

Thought a rock concert like this would spawn some punk spirit, but we were wrong. Punk is a happy kind of music. Blonde hair, ionic perms, colonel hats, sunglasses, dog chains – it doesn’t mean punk. Spiked all over, pins on their clothes and bags, signs all over the place, wearing punk band T-Shirts and putting up their stickers. But do you really know what they’re talking about? Even the music is all covers. Guitars, bass, drums, you’ve got all that and you’re not even punk. A punk is a young person who has his own independent views and values, who dares to criticize mainstream society, who dares to do what he wants to do.

I don’t know if there are more and more people who like rock and roll, or less and less. Can’t know if it’s them or us that can’t understand. I know about punk, but today I know less and less about rock.

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