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people in the jungle

A, after playing CS furiously, suddenly found his conscience and swept the dormitory floor. After that, he was full of ambition…

November 2003 8:00:01 a.m. B is snoring loudly in his dorm room, not knowing where he is today…

Sometime in November 2003. c, escaped from the economics classroom in silence…

“That’s all, that’s all!”

Just like the above “people in the jungle, they can’t help themselves”, I have always stubbornly believed that the difference between workers and non-workers is that the latter have the power to criticize and blame the former, and the devil occasionally appears with the face of an angel, so I believe that Xunzi, no matter how corrupt a person is, he will more or less have a little bit of the original conscience, I, Ben goodness. Yes, the discussion who will be sent, who will say, but, a few people in the down-to-earth do; but, finger pointing, is often a cover, cover up the actual blank, so A can play wildly n hours CS after shouting “people in the jungle, the body can not help themselves”, followed by a big sleep to the next day 11:00 noon.

There are many A’s, B’s, C’s and their same stories playing out around us, playing out…

So depravity seems to be the theme of the age!

However, those brothers of the game of life, you are anesthetically gazing at the prosperity in front of you, after you have indulged again and again, when facing your own long grass of school and life, do you think about your family in the streets late at night for that one dollar in the fight with passers-by? You are a sinner! A sinner of your conscience!!! Why don’t you get down on your knees and peel your skin off to see if your heart is still gurgling and beating for your conscience! Why don’t you get down on your knees? You are in front of the moon, and lonely and bored and looking for a partner to make out with, have you thought about the same passion to honor your mother? What “people in the jungle, the body can not help themselves”, all fucking go to hell! What qualifications do you have to say this?

But if you think I’m here today to make you all be good students, then I’d rather not say anything! I never wanted to be a good student, and I don’t want everyone to be the legendary good student!

Is it wrong to play CS? I’ll say it today: yes! Are we ascetics? Are you? Well, since you’re not, you’re entitled to play! Go play! Why not? Even saints play. Even God had to take a nap after creating man on the sixth day, are you better than God? If you think you are some distance away from God, then you go play! We are born with the right and the nature to play!

Is it wrong to sleep? I’ll say it today: yes! What is drowsing around in class just so the teacher won’t fail to respond when your name is called? Are you studying for the teacher? Who are you studying for? Who are you living for? Have you ever thought about that?

Is it wrong to skip class? I’ll say it today: yes! If there is no interest, or the teacher TCL, then skip! Don’t murder your time, only my favorite economics would measure time in terms of value, haha, how silly you say! What is the use of money when even the most basic human capital is gone?

Many people are always living for the sake of others, so it’s hard to find a confidant in this world! So people in this world have learned to pretend, so we have to live a life we do not love for the sake of other people’s ideas, how many people are living in peace every day? How many people are really living for themselves?

There are many others who are so pathetic that even after losing the opinion of others, they are still on their way to the grave!

People are self-interested, if you don’t even know that, then don’t read this article, then I’ll keep my mouth shut!

So, we have to live for ourselves!

So, it’s right to skip class; so; it’s right to sleep in; so, it’s not wrong to play CS!

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