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Reverse Scale

The dragon is also a worm, can be disturbed and ride. However, there are rebellious scales under its throat with a diameter of feet, people have infants of it, it will kill.

“Moon, I just found out that people also have scales of rebellion. You, I think, are my scales.” I gently sniffed the scent on the handkerchief, a lavender handkerchief with a nice “moon” embroidered in one corner.

“Yue, I still remember very clearly the first time we met. You suddenly appeared in front of me all in plain white and startled me, I was so flattered.” The fragrance of the handkerchief slowly pulled the memories out of the depths of my brain. But it was a memory I didn’t want to face again.

“Yue, I really don’t know what I should do, but ……” the painful reality interrupted my sweet memories.

“Tomorrow, tomorrow everything should be over ……” I carefully put away my handkerchief and slowly blend into the night.

The autumn sun always makes people drowsy. I lay by the city walls, enjoying the warm but not restless autumn sun while squinting at the crowds coming and going in the city. The indifferent expressions of the pedestrians made me drowsy. Then, a familiar white shadow broke into my sight. The white shadow slowly exited the city. I returned my gaze to the crowd, but found several sneaky people also followed out of town. A feeling of unease came over me, and I got up and followed behind. The grove is always chosen as the best place to sneak up on people, and the grove in front of us was also full of shrieks, white shadows surrounded by four people, shivering with fear, and a few people lying on the ground moaning there. I quietly came to the side of the group, looking at the leader of a man, to his back – if I do not want people to detect my presence, no one can detect my presence, this is my innate ability. I took out the dagger at my waist and wiped it on his neck, and looking at the man’s surprised eyes, I whispered in his ear, “You’re hurting my scales.” Then, taking advantage of the other party’s lack of reaction, three stabs, just three stabs, three more bodies on the ground – no one knows the structure of the human body better than I do – killing, no need to be too fancy.

I wiped the blood off the dagger and slowly walked towards the white shadow. The white shadow was so frightened that it stepped backwards. An inexplicable sadness flooded my heart: “Yue, don’t look at me like that, okay? I’ll tell you everything, please don’t look at me like that, I’m scared.” Probably hearing my words, Yue slowly settled down, cupped my hand, and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, but you really scared me just now. You know what? Your eyes were all red just now.” I pulled her slowly toward town, and on the way, I told her everything about myself ……

“God, is it possible that you have really shown mercy? Why did you arrange for a girl like that to appear in front of me.” I lay on the grass pile to recall the daytime experience, the corners of my mouth could not help but reveal the slightest smile.

“God, why would such a beautiful and kind girl suddenly appear in front of me?” I continued to keep the question I had just asked.

“God, no matter what you turned out to be to me, I thank you for it.” I went to sleep contentedly after recalling the events of the day several times.

“So pitiful, oh, so you are an orphan and have experienced so much hardship, it must be very hard.” After listening to my story, Yue’s eyes had become a little red.

“It’s okay, I’m used to it, besides I survived, it’s better than starving to death on the road right then.” I comforted her with nonsense.

“Yes, your adoptive father saved you and taught you such great skills,” Yue saw me down and immediately changed his tone to comfort me, “but why did he let you beg on the street?”

“This, this is probably to sharpen me up” I carefully cover up “I probably can’t have this kind of growth without maintaining this kind of hard environment”

“Oh yeah,” Yue agreed, “Well, I’ve decided!”

“What is it? What have you decided?” I looked at Yue’s expression as if she had made some major decision.

“I have decided that you are now officially asked to be my personal bodyguard and be responsible for my safety. Situations like the one just now will be your responsibility!” Yue looked at me with a smile and a hint of mischief at the corners of her mouth, the kind of frightened expression that never seemed to appear just now.

“This ……” I was a little surprised and a little hesitant.

“No?” Yue said with a little disappointment.

“Yes, you can, but only with my adoptive father’s permission.” I hesitated for a moment, and what I wanted to say still didn’t come out.

“Go on then. I’ll wait for you. I don’t think your adoptive father will disagree.” Yue was instantly happy to see that things had turned around.

“All right then.” I reluctantly left her and walked towards my destination, but there was always a twinge of unease inside me.

“Idiot, why can’t you even speak when you see her today.” Thinking about the embarrassing scene in the morning when I opened my mouth, I started to blame myself again.

“Idiot, why won’t you say what you had thought of today? It’s just a question about the name? Why can’t you ask? Or did they see that they said it themselves.” The self-condemnation continued.

“Idiot, next time I must talk to her more, I must not talk any more stuttering” the self-condemnation soon ended “Suyue, what a nice name, it also suits you well. Soyuki, always wear a plain white dress.”

“Suki …… Suki …… Suki ……” I drifted off to sleep again.

I don’t know how I walked out the door of my adoptive father’s house. Coming out of my adoptive father’s house, I was almost desperate. What I never told Yue was who I really was. It wasn’t that what I told Yue was false. It’s just that, that after, the truth behind the truth, is where my fate is most hopeless. My adoptive father saved me back then, adopted me, and taught me kung fu, only, the condition of all that was – when he asked me to kill someone, I had to do it unconditionally. Just now, just as I offered to be Moon’s personal bodyguard, he laughed. The man who had been sitting in the shadows smiled, and he asked me to go kill the last person for him, and then, I was free. That last person was the head of the Liu family in the south of the city. But, Su Yue’s surname is exactly Liu, and, Su Yue is living in the south of the city, and, there is only one big family in the south of the city. Yue, if you were me, what would you do? Kill your relatives, you will hate me? But I could never be with you without completing that man’s mission. I know I should continue to listen to that man, but my life was saved by him …… what should I do.

Soyuki …… Soyuki …… Soyuki …… Soyuki …… Soyuki ……

I once again took a deep sniff of the fragrance on the handkerchief, and then came to the Liu family compound. The man told me that the head of the Liu family plays the zither every night in the back garden. I went to the back garden and saw a slender figure playing the zither there alone. The sound of the zither is sometimes melodious, sometimes low, as if the person playing the zither has something on his mind, the sound of the zither is also together. I haven’t heard you play the piano yet, so maybe I won’t have the opportunity to do so in the future. But that’s okay, I’m used to being alone. After today, I will just go back to the old days. But, Yue, will I hurt you deeply? Please hate me. After today, there will be no more me in this world, and there will be no more that man.

I made up my mind and came behind the slender figure, which slowly emerged from the darkness. I saw the right moment and the dagger easily pierced a vital point. The slender figure moaned softly and fell into my arms. I did not want to stay longer, turned around to leave, but heard a soft cry. But it was this soft cry that suddenly broke my heart. What I heard was that familiar voice.

“Yue! How could it be you!” I reported the moon in my arms, blood gushing out from the wound. “I’m sorry, I, I’ve been hiding from you, in fact, I am, the head of the Liu family. I was going to, wait for you to become my personal bodyguard, then tell you, but …… is this my punishment …… but ……” a scream Interrupting Moon’s words, a servant girl came to bring water, saw the scene and ran away screaming. Then I felt a force pushing me away. Yue gasped and said to me in a weak voice, “Go, go quickly, it will be bad if someone comes later.” Hearing these words, I could no longer restrain my tears. It was this way, Yue thought of me still. “No, I will not go, I will stay with you, always stay with you, no more will not be separated.” Feeling the moon’s body is cold little by little, I came to the moon’s ear, said softly: “So painful! The feeling of having your scales peeled off is really painful. But it’s just that this scale was peeled off by myself.” I continued, “Yue, you must wait for me, you must wait for me, I have been alone for too long, I am afraid to go back to the original lonely world.” The moon seemed to sense something, grabbed my hand, the strength was so strong, I never knew the moon would be so strong, she took a few deep breaths, as if in the accumulation of whole body strength to say to me: “Please promise me one last request.” I looked at her and nodded my head. “Please help me kill someone!” Yue said this as if she had made a great determination. “Who?” Yue’s body was almost cold, and I didn’t dare to delay any longer, just to fulfill her last wish. “Your adoptive father ……” said the last sentence, the moon as if reassured, the hand slowly drops.

Moon, I know you have good intentions. However, I am afraid to go back to the past, to that lonely world. Can a dragon continue to survive without its scales?

Soyuki …… Soyuki …… Soyuki ……

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