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Tossed optical cat bridging routing multi-dial

Last night was determined to go to bed early, the results in bed with a laptop to study nginx, almost 0:00 when squinted for two minutes, but then woke up, look at the phone, the result is still to almost two o’clock before falling asleep.

I got up early this morning and went to buy breakfast, fish, crayfish, and baby bamboo shoots.

12:13:01 Changed a light cat, I want to directly change to bridge mode, use the router to dial, later much dial. The result is that I can’t dial up the number inside the router. I think it is the reason why the cat is not registered? The first thing to do is to register the cat, and use the routing mode of the cat to dial up first.

However, when registering the optical cat, there is always an error, and when it reaches 40%, it shows that it has obtained the management IP and is connecting to ITMS, then it waits for some time and fails.

Could it be that I changed the reason for TR069? But before that light cat is also changed to了啊, changed to this URL as long as it is to prevent telecommunications to me remotely change the management password of the light cat.

I previously installed that light cat is also their own, just fill in the LOID immediately registered successfully, the service is also issued successfully, broadband user password are automatically in the light cat inside, did just installed fiber optic when the telecommunications server on my light cat information is blank, I registered successfully after saving my social security information? And this time a gigabit optical cat equipment information and the previous mismatch, so can not successfully pass the verification?

The Internet has been searched for, basically reset the great method.

Later found a more reliable article said that the new optical cat in the local operator may not be in the library (I bought online in the provinces), so it is more trouble, all the connection information must be set to exactly the same as the previous optical cat.

I then plugged in the previous optical cat again, took a screenshot of all the connection information and saved it, then went back to the new optical cat and set it up one by one. The LOID registration is still the same as before, but pinging www.dngz.net已经有点反应了 resolves to, but the ping doesn’t work. Then I pinged again and it also resolved to, but also pinged.

I think it’s a good idea, maybe it’s a dns problem? I manually pinged, and I got through! It was a problem with the connection information.

I changed the optical cat to bridge mode, dialed in the router, looked at the status of dial-up success (not successful before, is it really a problem that the new optical cat LOID did not register first? I set the dns, ping has resolved to the correct ip and passed. Perfect! Then studied the multi-dial, the original thought how high the multi-dial turned out to be so simple, not to mention.

A screenshot of the old photocat link information to back up.

Before almost never contacted the light cat these things, this is actually counted on my first toss light cat it (before that old light cat just fill a LOID on the pass, nothing else to understand.) I hope the big guys don’t laugh at me, and can correct more.

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