Life Diary

OCD is really harmful

Today finally put the router optical cat network cable optical cat these are organized, long overdue to organize.

Took the home server out and hooked it up to the monitor. Checked the autostart issue.

Another study, before the installation of Xunlei remote download of xware, found that the download is completely no speed, give up on him, Xunlei things are quite garbage, or use aria2 good.

Then a few places on the blog (rss, friend links, small changes to the article pages) did a little revision.

After eating at noon, the lower left side of the stomach started to hurt vaguely in the afternoon, and it has been hurting until now. 🙁

When I tidy up the network cables and routers, the smallest details I will redo and tidy up. Or when I find places where the cable is blocked, I take it apart and go over it again. When modifying the web page is the same, a byte a character, there I did not notice, modified the place, I also always worry that there will be errors, and then undo and re-modify, it turns out that the first modification is not wrong at all, but I always worry that there will be errors, OCD really hurt people, but also reduce the efficiency of doing things.

Before I knew it, it was more than 1:30 am again. Time to go to bed.


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