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Install gitlab and gogs, people are really versatile ah

16:03:33 Today I was going to fix the problem of remote https thumbnail exceptions for self-customized cms. I think of modifying so many files, or get a git or svn version management it. The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of your computer. But I don’t want my computer to be so stuck, so I thought I’d build one on my low-power server. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that. I didn’t want to break the previous environment, so I used docker to build it. It went smoothly, but there were a lot of problems with GitHub Desktop to connect to gitlab, and it didn’t work for a long time, so I gave up and used the command line git to manage it, and it was done quickly, very simple and fast. Now start to study the problem of cms remote https thumbnails

23:05:20 More than 6pm went down to dinner. The gitlab is too much of a system resource, a friend came to a change gogs ah then I immediately went to Baidu, found that this git service takes up super few resources, or the Chinese write. When eating dinner has been hesitating to change. I’ve been torn for a while, 1 is only open when using git anyway, usually not open, 2 is gitlab is more reliable, less bugs, more support. After eating and doing chores for a while and then going to the computer to first submit the modified code to gitlab inside.

The first thing I did was to start gogs again. The result is that once you start docker you will find that the previously installed gitlab is running on its own, no wonder it’s so stuck, often with a high cpu, memory ate 4 G. I want to remove the automatic start of gitlab, only to find that when you install it the parameters give a redundant automatic start. With the command to modify always report an error, probably because my docker is relatively old (more than two years ago installed) it is difficult to find a direct way to modify the configuration of the container, get it done, let continue to install gogs installed and found that really take up super few resources, but also shows some immaturity, crude places. But the configuration of the place some pit, confused about his port refers to the internal port or mapped out of the port. The http and ssh ports are wrong, but fortunately can be modified through app.ini.

Get it done will I modify the cms code are submitted up. I hope gogs don’t have any big bugs, I’m not tossing upgrades or anything later, mainly to do a version management only.

Off-topic: I didn’t expect to write in this blog again, I was determined not to update it, I didn’t expect to do that decision after not long again. I do not know how I think, now the temporary idea is to write a running account later. In fact, I do not change much, or you can say that it is actually the same bar.

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