Cleanup Goodbye

Has not been ruthless, but today finally deleted the 2012.August to 2019 articles, should have been deleted, in fact, these articles should not exist at all!

I did not expect to delete something so troublesome and time-consuming, from the morning to now. Last night until the early hours of the morning did not sleep, thinking about the east and west, it is time to delete, do a long struggle of thought, the original idea is to delete a clean file is not left, but the morning began to operate more and more reluctant, alas, in fact, know that it is simply worthless, should be deleted clean, should not leave so much garbage to increase their psychological burden and maintenance burden, but in the end still can not get down The hand.

Also took out the search and deleted the comments file, so there won’t be so many posters to spam. I’m glad I met a lot of friends through this blog. If these old friends remember me and want to contact me, come here and leave me a message (the message is private, no one else can see it).

Well, that’s it, I don’t think it will be updated here either. Now it’s really day by day some some little bit gone… see you in the jungle.

March 28, 2019 20:52:10

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