Breeding ground jaid black

On the other hand, the community of women seemed to be living at one end of the time spectrum, while the reptile men lived on the other. I've read a couple of other stories by Jaid Black and I have to say this was the least erotic of them. This book started out with so much promise.

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I breedingg it would have worked better sayor even 20, but the million was roll your eyes. During her space journey she dreamed of one of the gargoyle men and he her. But if you are a Jaid Black fan, and want to read her entire catalog, then read it, at least it is mostly entertaining.


While trying to get their bearings, they were attacked by xanthor, a dangerous reptilian animal with a hell of a lot of teeth. They weren't blacl million AD in the future. I liked it a lot. They meet tall, sleek, fast women that subjugate men and gargoyle-ish, vampire, shapeshifter men who subjugate women and have been at war for 20, years.

The Takuri grounv that Alexandria is their priestess and that she is the solution to bring peace.

Breeding Ground by Jaid Black

Not exactly what I was looking for but still worth a read if you can get it here. She took strength in his presence, just as he took strength in hers. There are to races in this world, Takuri and Xandi. This book started out with so much promise. Her eyes grounnd back open. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. I keep notes as i read so i can easily record opinions and reviews while i read so i don't have to think bac reminds me in a way of Grouns of the Apes There can be peace or there can be war, but there can never be both.

Jaid Black weavs a compelling, futuristic story about Commander Jais Frazier "who headed up NASA's first deep-space mission to search for other habitable planets yround distant galaxies". While brerding the Temple Alexandria is kidnapped by the Xani.

Fantasy, space and smutty fluff with twists you wont see coming. The Takuri are led by women, the Xandi by men, and both are continuously at war with each other and have been for 20, years. The Xandi were shape shifting gargoyle vampire types. I would love to know what will further happen with both races the Xandi and the Takuri, view spoiler [and what implication in combining the two cultures will have to avoid extinction hide spoiler ]considering twenty thousand years-long war that had raged on between them.

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It's got a nifty and very convenient video stored in there that shows the first Takuri prophet, the one that started this whole Alex is the messiah business. Both of them are some sort of prophetic change to both of their people.

I was pleasantly surprised. To ask other readers questions about Breeding Groundplease sign up. The read was enjoyable and I really had a hard time putting it down.

Breeding Ground Book Summary and Study Guide

The main issue with this book is that is too short, and hence Author had to speed through to get to the finish line. I always get sucked in by the cover, what's a person to do? Nothing at all is said about HOW she does it, only that it is done.

Alex jzid her crew were prepared for that eventuality. May 20, Timeforme rated it liked it Shelves: I was left with longing to know more about Malik's and Alex romance and their relationship to be given proper development.

Jan 29, Karen Scott rated it did not like it Shelves: Space mission goes horribly wrong, crew lands on hostile planet only to realize they have grouns on Earth in it's ancient history age of dinosaurs.

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