Aimp v3.20 rc 1 build 1148

Localizations have been updated Plugins: Incremental search has been added to the dropdown list of the filter of table column. Focus jumps to first playlist tab after closing selected playlist tab — Fixed:

Uploader: Fenriramar
Date Added: 12 September 2008
File Size: 9.40 Mb
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2003/7/8/10 MacOS 10/X
Downloads: 85700
Price: Free* [*Free Regsitration Required]

Ogg Vorbis Encoder has been updated to v1. Skin-Engine - Some skins doesn't provide an ability to select playlist tab via mouse - Fixed: Potential abilities are extended Skin Engine: ID3v2 tag doesn't read to the end in some cases - Fixed: Sliders - added hot-state supports - Fixed: Bug with wake up - Fixed: Added CD-Text support Player: Audio Converter - cannot scroll the list with files if converting process is active Fixed: Lyrics - LRC - value of the "offset" tag processes incorrectly Fixed: Tag Editor - it had no any ability to disable AutoTag, if it was enable - Fixed: Infobar - added an ability to select target screen Plugins: Playlist - non-natural sorting is used when adding folders to playlist Fixed: Player hangs after clicking on the "Start playback" button if the playlist doesn't have tracks which are switched on - Fixed: Incorrect work of 'Randomize files at playlist' function - Fixed: Radio Browser - links doesn't add to "custom" catalog - Fixed: Added Stereo Enhancer for stereo only Audio Library: The BASS has been updated to v2.

AudioConverter - calculation of total progress does not take files duration into account Fixed: Skin Engine - Fully transparent elements in old skins does not drawn correctly - Fixed: Player - if track is added in the playback queue twice - both positions will be deleted on start playback Fixed: VideoPad Video Editor 7. Player resumes playback queue incorrectly, if two or more playlists has same name - Fixed: Skin Engine - visual data cannot be retrieved in some cases that leads to flickering of visual elements Fixed: Options Dialog - Skins - installing update for the skin does not refresh information about the skin if options dialog is displaying Fixed: Installer - the "no profiles" exception occured when trying to install update If installed version has never been started before Small bugs and defects were fixed AIMP v4.

Code optimization Advanced Tag Editor: Skin Engine - window content was not refreshed after changing the element placement from script Fixed: Player crashes when trying to open folders selection dialog AIMP v3.

Normalization settings have been moved to separate tab Sound Effects: Report generator - support of fields with multiple values has been added Music Library: Bug with language aump - Audio Library: Skin Engine - unnecessary re-creation of the window handle during state restoring, if it was maximized regression Fixed: Music Library - the "find in Music Library" command does not work if the "no grouping" mode is selected Fixed: Selection in playlist will move to the current file regardless of the focus if manual navigation used - Fixed: Plugins - information bar - parameters are not initialized in settings frame if plugin was loaded via plugin manager Fixed:

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