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Although many are against stem cell research because of ethical beliefs, some say the pros outweigh the cons. Folic acid, a vitamin that helps the body produce new red blood cells, is often prescribed for teens with sickle cell anemia.

HbS molecules tend to thesis statement for sickle cell disease together, making red blood cells sticky, stiff, and more fragile, and causing them to form into a curved, sickle shape paragraph 2: Moreover, sickle cell disease is the quite widespread inborn blood illness in the US, having an effect on over 80, Americans.

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Those with sickle cell anemia and those with normal functioning hemoglobin die in the presence of malaria, however those with both alleles survive. Moreover, pulmonary hypertension happens in around one-third of individuals suffering from sickle cell disease and could result in heart failure.

The shape is similar to a crescent moon. Free essay help for writers.

And kids and teens who have sickle cell disease should take penicillin or other antibiotics to help prevent infections. Characteristic traits of this particular illness take in a low number of RBC i. Sgdenham’s Blog Just another WordPress. Home About Subscribe to feed.


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Need to write your essay? Few individuals exhibit mild symptoms, whereas others are often admitted to the hospital for highly severe complications. Leave a comment Comments feed for thesis statement for sickle cell disease article. Email stwtement Address never made public. Sickle Cell Anemia usually occurs in teens, Black children but sometimes occurs in Hispanic children. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Try this essay writing service – thesis statement for sickle cell disease There is no cure for sickle cell anemia, and it is possible for some people to be ill enough to die from the disease although most young people with sickle cell anemia don’t die.

According to Hill, a principally severe problem of this disease is diseas blood pressure within the blood vessels, which supply the lungs i. September 21, in Uncategorized. Sickle cell anemia occurs because an abnormal form of hemoglobin HbS is produced.


Pain medications help relieve the symptoms of crises. Academic articles Essay model: Moreover, symptoms and signs of sickle cell disease generally occur during the period of early childhood.

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Instead of being flexible and disc-shaped, these cells are more stiff and curved in the shape of the old farm tool known as a sickle — that’s where the disease thewis its name. About one in five hundred Black children have it Teens with sickle cell anemia may develop jaundicea condition that results thesis statement for sickle cell disease the high rate of red blood cell breakdown.

Jaundice can cause the skin and the whites of a person’s eyes to develop a yellowish tint paragraph 3: Doctors can provide treatments that help prevent complications from the disease, though.