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When you can sell it with creativity and such a statuesque performance, I have to give up some props. Therefore, the first Sunday of every month at the PMA is an especially glorious day for me, as I can combine my two loves and feel intellectually fuller because of it. Scary during the day , no. Check back to its site as the day gets closer for updates.

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At the back of the cemetery, there are gorgeous land overlooks that support some fancy mausoleums by the Schuylkill River, which runs right next door. This process was tortuous on my empty stomach as I was slowly being driven mad by the delicious smells all around me. I recommend making an effort to attend out-of-the-way events in Philadelphia. My group of friends and I walked the entire stretch, trying to plan a system of attack.

Which brings me to my second point.

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I chose the popsicle stand. But when Switchfoot came on, I dutifully switched my hands off grab mode and marched towards the stage. As for your humble hero, I got a combo platter from a soul food truck. Afterwards, we went and explored a little bit.

Naturally, the first thing I did was slather the whole thing in hot sauce. Yes, the space can be rented for private events! But I can admit that my worldview is limited. The exhibit will run until January 13, Check out their website for event details. We heard it there: Follow blogs to find out about new places, or maybe just take an open-minded wander downtown.

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Look at Art and 2. Are you obsessed with the coming apocalypse? The play blurs the line between the political pereshroika personal, and the characters have to deal with the messy outcomes. Anyone in attendance can volunteer, but if the count exceeds ten, names are drawn at random.

References to love and other likenesses of the wife can be found elsewhere in the Gardens. The people around Prior are also going through crisis. The Mayans used a system of time called Long Count with lengthy cycles — 25, years perestrooika so in each — to mark great events in their history, and to give points of references for their future.


At first I found it to be a bit distracting but ultimately it is the reality of the theater and of the play. Fifty Days at Illium: Temperatures approach conditions only hospitable to myself and several types of microbes. But also that they do hand out perestroka stuff in heaps.

Switchfoot, or the band perestroiika plays this song that everyone knows. Storytellers are judged on both content — relevance to theme, interest level — and performance — style, time limit adherence.

I think many elements of the play reinforce a Brechtian aesthetic. For one friend, that was a pork taco stand.

Kid Pex feat. Radikal - NONSTOP by Kid Pex | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Angels in America is running at the Wilma Theater until October 21 st And so ended my first trip to Northern Liberties of the summer. Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon — and folk singers. Who says it has to be 24?

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