Seirama dengan hatimu

Things are moving along finally! Meski hidup sdh hancur-hancuran, bnyk berbuat jahat di mata Tuhan, lari dr Tuhan, bertindak sesuka hati yg melanggar perintah Tuhan, tp kasih dan cinta Tuhan ga pernah berhenti dan habis buat hidupmu dan hidupku. Dan jg, lagu-lagu apa yg hari-hari ini sedang kita dengar dan nyanyikan? Who's gonna be there???

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Have an awesome day and take and moment to recognize the blessings in your life.

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Begitu juga pelayanan mereka di Conference ini, pasti akan memberkati kita semua! Tak ada satupun manusia yang bisa menyelami kasih dan rencana Allah dalam hidup kita. LGLP Youth at yoi. It's not because of us but it's because of our God and the spirit of the young generation!!

Saat ini pelayanan mereka sedang diperluas di Jakarta dan sekitarnya bahkan antar pulau. Barangsiapa mengasihi Allah, ia harus juga mengasihi saudaranya.


All the seniors love the new decorations! Thanks juga buat mentor dan rekan2 seperjuangan yg sudah menemani.

Happy 80th Birthday to an incredible individual! A special thanks to all who made it happen.

lglp Инстаграм фото

Dan jg, lagu-lagu apa yg hari-hari ini sedang kita dengar dan nyanyikan? Itangmaniz basudara lglp ministry. Melayani bersama Diklat Prophetic Army Next Level 2 Tuan rumah gbiprjpluit gbiprj gbiintercon gbihcr gbistmoritz gbialamsutera gbiqbig unifydancer lglp ck7. Jangan lupa ajak dan ingatkan seriama yang lain.

I believe harimu family that lived here once did everything they could to love support and encourage each member. What is required is serious obedience— doing what my Father wills. Tried to get a paw print from Koinz but he wasn't having it lol assistedliving anthemseniors assistedlivingfacility LGLP.

That night was lit!! May we strive to look at our homes as an integral part of the great commission. Wish I could put His name above and over mine! Even the dog 'Koinz' got all dolled up. This Wednesday March 21st 7 Seirwma. We pride ourselves on the service we deliver each and everyday for our seniors who we believe deserve the best!

Lift each other up and love through the hardships and pain. Terbentuk dari anak-anak muda yang bertumbuh di gereja GBI PRJ CK7 sejak masa remaja mereka, perjalanan band ini bisa dikatakan sangat luar biasa dalam beberapa tahun terakhir. God works in mysterious ways and in the most weirdest times. An incredible and humble beginning to this journey.

Share His love and feel His love come back to you greater ways than ever before. Have an awesome day and take and moment to recognize the blessings in your life. May The Grace of Accomplisment follow us all this week.

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Di usia muda mereka, lglp. Our celebration was so much fun and we wish hayimu all a blessed with abundant joy and prosperity! Minus monicadrmwn andreaslazuardi kellynenggala. Happy new year

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