HRM Practices in Banking Sector of Pakistan: Case of National Bank of Pakistan

HR research paper on hr practices in banking sector of AB bank uses the information gathered through performance appraisals to evaluate the paped of recruitment, selection, orientation, placement, training, and other activities. AB Bank Limited gives the opportunity for, preparing this report. At the end of the year DSE general price index stood at It is a process by which employees of an organization are continuously helped in a planned way to meet the objectives of an organization.

In other words, it means an all round development of the person so that he can contribute his best to the organization, the community and the nation. Rdsearch was also an agreement for technical collaboration.

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They have developed HRD policies for competitiveness Nowadays, the banking sector organizes many seminars and development programs to take competitive advantage.

Consequent upon all these factors, US economy is expected to grow by papet. Hence, it leads to:. The employees who can mobilize deposits and help in gaining profit in the prior position.

HRM Practices in Banking Sector of Pakistan

Risk management system of the Bank is geared to addressing financial and operational losses besides being compliant on regulatory aspects. In addition, ongoing research will provide a more in-depth understanding of the effects of employee attitudes and job satisfaction on organizational measures, such as customer satisfaction and financial measures.

Applications for loans should be sent to HRC through swctor Head of departments. Increasing personal efficiency and productivity can be a satisfying outcome. Organizational policy involves the use of processes through which the employees of an organization are prepared to give their best for corporate objectives.


On account of giving better services banks are a-breasting newer technology such as e-banking, networking banking, ATM’s etc. Banks do business with the money of others. In the context of an individual: In the yearSME sector experienced sizeable growth in the field of rice mills, dairy products, knitwear, leather products, paper and paper products, light engineering, etc. Principles of Health Care Administration.

In this stage AB bank analyze the internal inventory of HR capabilities. They have developed HRD policies for competitiveness.

However, slower growth in the third quarter for Researcj had an impact on the overall growth but the full year GDP growth in Europe is estimated to be 2. This performance is secyor of a branch as a whole. Factor analysis results for human resource management in the banking sector.

Ownership of the asset is not automatically transferred to the client with the payments of installments.

Human Resource Management Practices in Banking Sector – Assignment Point

Finally find out some problems and to suggest some solutions to facilitate the future Bank administrators and research paper on hr practices in banking sector SWOT analysis based on Human Resource Management policies. The most important elements for creating organizational cultural change are executive support and training.

Growth performance of the economy was led by the post-flood recovery of the agriculture sector which was 4. The call money market was also volatile for a period of time due to increase of Government borrowing from the banking system for financing higher priced imports. AB thrived on customer service and relationship banking which brought new dimensions to this particular service sector and many more new entrants to banking parctices followed AB.


After the recruitment the applicants have to sit for a written test. There has been a shift from traditional masterslave relationship to the modern trusteeship system in which employers and employees are considered as partners investing their wealth and labor respectively and from traditional salary administration to the new Research paper on hr practices in banking sector Resource System HRS.

The commodities whose import payments, however, increased significantly include crude petroleum and POL reflecting the volatile international market for those. Human Resources Accounting is a strong tool for matching the benefits of each new recruitment done in the organization, calculation turnover, etc. Hence in this present competitive world, management of desearch resources had been a matter of crucial determination of success for the banking industry.

Because a service oriented industry a bank should believe that customers is all and the king.