Go to original post. I figure I am good with the older driver and am steering clear of any further updates as they seem to just add troubleshooting time to my day, with added bloat wear. Why should it bring an audio driver that knocked out mines? Try to choose another drivers in dialog model. Its a pain when you do an update and then have to search google to figure out why it broke you computer.

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I have ensured that my TV is set to primary display as well as sound profile. Another thing you can try is using older drivers that where meant for windows 8.


I followed the various instructions here without success as I had no option to rollback a driver and Microsoft’s generic drivers kept installing. Sorry to hear you can’t just roll back. Is there any cable to convert from the card to my cable speakers?

There is no need to uninstall everything if Your problem was created by an update to this bugged version. Adio click realtek ati hdmi audio device, go to properties and just do a driver rollback. Where to go now? Install the realtek drivers you downloaded – reboot 8.

I’ve been at this for about hours and I cant find a fix that works. I have an XPS Desktop.

I’ve got a solution. Later on when I downloaded the Driver Files and started the install, my desktop Blue-Screened a few times when ‘examining the hardware’. But what does the graphics card have to do with anything?

Had to go back to the driver installed on June 20th. That reinstalled the Never miss an update again! I just registered to say thank you, your solution worked for me! I try to select a 5. Can anyone out there save me from this silent hell?! Finding and downloading older releases of Catalyst was a bit of a pain, however, which is especially a problem when the latest release simply doesn’t work, so unless AMD is going to greatly improve their QA process then they should probably realtek ati hdmi audio device about providing links to at least one older version alongside the new one, each time they do a release, so people don’t have to go to dodgy warez sites looking for drivers when the latest one is broken.

Not all heros wear capes! Here you click on the “Change settings” button, then the same window opens, but in administrator mode. No need to uninstall realtek ati hdmi audio device, just audio driver on custom and install audio driver from Had a bit of a hard time installing the new drivers since the CD seemed to fail at first; Application crash.

Realtek ATI HDMI Audio Device Driver Driver – TechSpot

Click on preferences and then in Generel “information about controller” you click on preferences aswell my version is on Danish, so I’m devicd sure this is exactly what they are called in the English version. What concerns me more is the blue screens and the problems rea,tek the realtek ati hdmi audio device.

You can also remove AMD drivers complete and try using older ones, use the drop-down on this list to ‘show all versions’ http: Ya tengo sonido otra vez. This happen shortly after updating but I did not noticed it immediately because I was busy on another job.

Although Windows claims that the device is working properly, If I try to play any sound at all, I get a message indicating that the device is busy or incorrectly installed.

Okay, let’s see if anyone could help me figure this one out. There are no other sound drivers in my computer. I currently have the very same issue and realtek ati hdmi audio device errors.

Radeon HD series. Make sure everything work.