I know its important to check to see that the users have actually purchased the plugin by verifying the code, but the community misses out on all the answers when that stuff happens behind closed doors - thats my two cents. But that was two years ago. I created the following 2d wallpaper called 'skydiving ninjas' using andengine using its built in box2d physics engine, wrote it in about two days including drawing the basic graphics.

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By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our uni2lwl terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand ui2lwp your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Hello luvcoolstuff, I have read that unity2eclipse uses partially developed classes by Unity and that is why everyone that builds live wallpapers with it has some problems the developed does say it's experimental. There is a plugin in unity jni2lwp "Uni2LWP" that can convert any unity project into a live wallpaper project for eclipse.

ElectroSphereFeb 7, Try not to have fast animations, pre-render 3D stuff and optimize what you already have. Ill check back every day. There are other game engines that you could use for live wallpapers, but it'd be a much more tedious task.

StaticNovaMar 1, Are you calling opengl es 1 calls? Roger Travis, hi, do you know how to make 3d gyro-effect like in video youtube. Nanites 1 Even when i start with a complete new project. Watch the overview now. App8ite 6 4. Where can I see an example of working wallpaper on Unity 3. Do you have plans to integrate a SettingsActivity in the projects?

I don't know a ton about how android works, and have only gotten basic buttons working without using unity. HorrorMar 17, The LWP works on my phone's background again. Yes your right, both andengine and cocos2d are primarily 2d engines,but can do pseudo 3d where 3d assets are rendered at set angles to 2d sprites.

Uni2LwP : Create Live Wallpapers with Unity 3.4.2 /3.5.7/ 4.0/4.0.1

I am da bawss. Sounds good, I would be interested if you can make it work with 3. Maybe it will magically work now? Sign up using Facebook.

Jul 18, Posts: Anyway, have you tested it on a real android device? I do hope you figure out why it's not working in 4 though.

Uni2LwP : Create Live Wallpapers with Unity // / | Page 13 - Unity Forum

The plugin looks pretty straight forward on the video! Apr 2, Posts: Totally has saved me a LOT of time!

There's a free and paid version available now. Apr 20, Posts: Unity engine makes it easy to do stuff like that, with its visual editor, good asset import pipeline and post-processing chains.

I need to set a new project path.

So I would be glad if this plugin can make things work. To make it work as a wallpaper would require a lot of altering to what Unity outputs when building, because Unity does not offer any live wallpaper settings.

This question looks similar to this one - stackoverflow.

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