Modeling Math Problems — Learn how to solve word problems in a step-by-step fashion. They also must talk to each other, listen to others and explain their ideas clearly.

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Register for our mailing list. The aim is for the group to make four complete squares. These roles may vary according to the teacher’s knowledge of the children and the particular task, but are always intended to help problem solving logic puzzles ks2 the responsibility for the task from the teacher to the children, and to ensure a spread of individual responsibility within the groups.

The oslving from the top looks like this.

The view from the front looks like this. Unsolved Problems — Can you solve one of these famous unsolvable problems?

To support this aim, members of the NRICH team work in a wide range of capacities, including providing professional problem solving logic puzzles ks2 for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice. Pieces of the Solvung Approach. Plenary – It is important for groups to report on their problem-solving processes as well as confirming the correctness of their end product.

Co-operative Problem Solving: Pieces of the Puzzle Approach

It is also useful to have one or two ‘extra’ clues ready. Problem of the Week – Brain teasers and word problems for solving. Logic Puzzles for Kids — Printable worksheets for logic and divergent thinking puzzles for elementary kids. Solging You are responsible for your own work and behaviour You must be willing to help any group member who asks You may only ask the teacher for help if everyone in the group has the same question These problem solving logic puzzles ks2 assist in avoiding some of the pitfalls of co-operative group work.


The structure of this approach is intended to provide positive opportunities for: It presents a style of problem-solving activity that has the potential to benefit ALL children in a class, both mathematically and socially, and is problem solving logic puzzles ks2 adaptable to most topics in mathematics curricula.

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Problem solving logic puzzles ks2 and Logic Challengers — Open-ended math challenges. Risk taking – pupils are more likely ask questions of each other and put forward ideas in a small group situation, particularly with Rule 2 in place. Math Maven Mysteries — Use logic to help solve these mysteries; problems range from easy to difficult.

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Math and Logic Puzzles — Sharpen your wits with fun interactive puzzles. As always, it is advisable to have an extension question ready for a group that finishes before the others.


Therefore, in introducing the task to the class, the teacher can make links to previous work. This type of problem solving activity is well aolving to developing and clarifying mathematical ideas that have already been introduced in other lessons. Math and Logic – Math games, word problems, and logic puzzles problem solving logic puzzles ks2 entertain you for hours.


The teacher can use questions problem solving logic puzzles ks2 on particular issues and highlight problem solving logic puzzles ks2 that have been observed during the session.

The view from the right side looks like this. Each group needs a handful of sticks, all of the same length – such as matches, ice-cream or lolly poblem, or drinking straws. Daily Translation Problem – Kks2 a daily translation problem using elementary logic. The aim is to arrange some of the sticks to make either a single shape or shapes-combinations depending on the level of complexity. Puzzlers Paradise — Solve logic problems online. Printable Word Problems — Resource for lovic word problems for grades K to The group needs to negotiate their interpretation of the mathematical vocabulary.

To maintain ‘ownership’ of the piece of information, the child may not physically give away the clue-card, but must be responsible for communicating the content to the group. Interactive Fun Puzzles — Fun puzzles for younger students.