Eyedea first born

He talks about a man that left the war, but the consequences of it are still haunting him. Just trust him on this one, it's his storytelling and imagination at their finest. So dark and so interesting. It's an ok song, but the production is pretty good.

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First Born (Instrumentals)

The beat is haunted and perfect for the content of the lyrics. Spec February 24th Comments. It's a classic in any genre. Eyedea talks about a feeling not known by the Average Furst.

Tweet user ratings The content of the lyrics is not that interesting. Eyedea show his basic knowledge of firrst, starting with Plato and his "cubicle", the cave, theory.

Eyedea and Abilities First Born 5. Give this a listen: He start talking about insecurity in terms of our mind. But still can't beat the part 1. There's a little interlude by DJ Abilities in the middle of the song, which is pretty dope. The guitar riff at the beginning is beautiful and very melodic. The emcee examines the mind of a person inside the cubicle and the possibilities of world knowledge from the cubicle. I don't know if Eyedea used to read James Joyce or someone related, but in this song he has an epiphany.

The end of the song is a great outro by Abilities with some nice piano notes. How much of it is real"".

So, this is pretty far up there on the hip-hop quality chart. Eyedea talks to a "fish" about how its life is better than his. RosaParks April 17th Comments.

First Born (Eyedea & Abilities) - GetSongBPM

The first verse goes for the fine girls, in his funny and ironic way. Can't forget the nice outro at the end!

This time he is talking to us about that madness, but in another way, in a friendly way, like he had already pass through it. Has held up so well. He is talking about how the duo represents hip-hop and stuffs like that. Well, I know this song is sad and fantastic. After 25 years and 50 years the man still finds out some mysteries of the event. So dark and so interesting.

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It's kind of a introduction for the next song. Eyedea at his finest. Alright, cutting the jokes, this is abstraction at its best. Rhyming about something we can't escape from - the doubts of life. It fits completely with the lyrics.

On 43 Music Lists. It might be my favorite midwest hip-hop record.

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