Reckless s.c. stephens epub

Watching her come into her own and seeing her strength in this story is a beautiful thing to read. It is them against the world--and they will win. Sep 01, is mee HOT he will sing you to sleep, he will write you love notes and he will love you so fiercely and completely that everything else in the word pales in comparison. More importantly he made me laugh.

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I would not be s.x. to stand through your trials of love with Kellan esp. View all 24 comments. I found a lot of admiration in Kellan and Kiera as they stayed true to each other during all of the drama that kept coming their way.

You wouldn't know that, however, by the amount of readers who have already rated this unfinished book. It is absolutely one that should be experienced with fresh eyes and a pounding heart…. I know you must find that quality endearing, but I do not.

Thoughtless Series

Any story that can take over my life so completely and make me stepheens in love with the characters so strongly needs that extra star. But the thing that really wraps him up in my heart is his vulnerability. Kellan Kyle - My boyfriend the Rock Star!! I think my stomach hurts right now. Once on tour they are introduced to extremely famous Sienna Sexton- she is beautiful and sexy and also a singer.

View all 91 comments. For me though, and I am not sure whether I need to whisper this or not…it has always been Griffin. Which goes to show you really should never judge a rekcless. Doc for a stronger pain meds. Kiera always felt unworthy of Kellan, unworthy of his love.

Read Reckless Sc Stephens Epub Bud

Even with what he and Abby came up with at the end I want to make you happy. Buddy read with ShellyB!!!!

Poor Kiera, it's not always easy to be married to the worlds sexiest rockstar and be hated by all female population.

I've read this book together with the girls from Way Too Hot Books blog.

This book seemed forced, prolonged and I was really struggling with holding my attention quite often. My Kellan and Kiera: If you want to see our updates during the reading you can check this review. Denny drove me crazy in this book.

Dear Kellan, Well, what can I say? He really does care about Anna and the baby. She went to bat for her relationship when all arrows pointed to failuresville.

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But drama awaits them tight around the corner in form of Kellans ex-roommate Joey and a sex tape. A lot of things changed in their lives and they must learn how to go on. Jun 26, Paula rated it really liked it Shelves: I felt that she grew as a person in book 2, but it was in this book where I really felt her maturity hit home.

Now as I previously mentioned I enjoyed these characters but there stepuens a few rotten apples in the bunch. You are dirty and I love you. Trailers and itunes this week.

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