Il rovescio della medaglia contaminazione

In my opinion, whith Vivaldi, Bach is the apex of Music! The second half is a reprise of the heavy rock in the previous track with a nice strings ending. There is plenty in here to satisfy fans of symphonic Progressive Rock, fans of Italian Progressive Rock, and also fans that like something a little more unusual. Funny in a way, because Argentinean composer of movie scores Luis Enriquez Bacalov was involved on all three albums.

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I knew PFM and La Maschera di Cera were around performing, but one of the downsizes contaminaione travelling accompanied is that you can't always go where you what.


Absent For This Consumed World 1: I really love that dramatic organ found on "Mi Sono Svegliato e An English version of this album was also released for the international market, but I prefer the Italian one. The band jumps in with spirited well conceived rock parts. Then, as if the album length wasn't enough, there were the tracks - one had 4 minutes and 10 seconds, the rest not even 4.

The guitarist is hospitalized in a psychiatric structure where he is haunted by his crazy musical dreams. Three different versions exist of the front side of this sheet, see the pictures below: The Italian vocals are beautiful and have a warm sound.

The band played live also in France and Switzerland, the later country became the home contxminazione Pino Ballarini in late', replaced for a few concerts by Semiramis' Michele Zarrillo. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved.

I also like the presence of vocals sadly my Italian's too bad for understanding the lyrics! Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. With their sound enriched by the keyboards, Il Rovescio released the third album, Contaminazione, with the help of argentine composer Luis Enriquez Bacalov, who had already worked with New Trolls for their Concerto Grosso and Osanna.

There is so much going on, they don't stick dlela one thing, and there are always going to be a few people thrown off by that. Then all subsides for a Malmsteenish classical-tinged electric solo, very cool but too short.

Il Rovescio della Medaglia were formed in Rome around the end of from the ashes of the beat band I Lombrichi.

If you like PFM, you will rapidely become a great fan. I had the english version LP in the 70's, and I recently purchase the Italian version which I find more sensitive. It begins with light strings panning back and forth in your speaks with spectacular choral voices. No contamihazione exist of the group's albums.

There is a calm, odd intermission with gorgeous piano and a jazzy, Bossa Nova-like snippet with flute, then the piece reverts to the initial theme.

There are 50 spotlights which produce colors and special effects. Contamination English language - Italian issue - LP. Apparently, according to the press advertisements issued at the time of its release, copies of the album came with the medallion, created by the florentine artist Brandimarte whose signature is visible on the back of the originals. It's all so much more sophisticated and satisfying than the Concerto Grosso.

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The first real strings hit at this point and they contaminqzione just incredible. The album was obviously more in a symphonic direction, and was also released in an English-sung version and issued in many foreign countries, to try to launch the group abroad. Although Bach had 20 children by his two wives, he apparently has no known descendants living today.

Very classical, this tribute to JS Bach sounds like a real symphony with powerful keyboards arrangements by Franco Di Sabbatino For "Contaminazione" they decided to record yet another concept album, about a Scottish musician so obsessed with the music of Bach he went insane.

This amazing track gives way to the climatic yet phantasmagorical, keyboard dominated Sweet Suite such a sweet name! Lei' is a song with a rapid, stabbing repetitive rock theme over harpsichord, but has a very classical-sounding interlude.

I received a mailing list from a music distributor that featured one copy of this album. The core group folded soon thereafter as yet another of Italy's promising acts faded too soon.

The short and frenzy "Lei sei tu:

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