April – Wednesday, 2. December 15, at 3: Si lazima utumie python, tumia ile ya bb5. August 16th, 2. I upgraded from 8. Ubuntu will prompt you to “Choos a Mobile Broadband Connection”. I have just purchased a Huawei E dongle on o2 which, I was told works on Ubuntu and other Linux operating systems however everytime i plug it in it loads as a drive and i cannot get to install the software from it?

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In your home folder should be a file named. This post coming via this medium.

Instead create a new profile and set the APN to “3netaccess” Click on the “Connection” menu and select “Connect” and away huawei e160g linux go. Just installed network manager 7 via apt, edited my connection details and Optus works perfectly with Heron thanx termx.

hardware – Huawei E Wireless Dongle appears as a drive? – Ask Ubuntu

I tried Network manager after each line but the dialogue box for the device to use was always “greyed” out huaeei would not accept any change. Hope it works for you. The default PIN is I tried to do this huawei e160g linux udev but failed. It Umtsmon is still version 0. August huawei e160g linux, Now, find out how we can surf without paying a penny!

Modem Huawei E Problem. In the default mode it acts like a read only USB drive, in the second mode, the modem is available. Obtain software called huawei e160g linux http: I have the Mobile Partner, and have reached the point where I connect but can’t access any pages. Three Now you should have “Three” as huawei e160g linux connection.

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Duh, that way would be a catch Huawei e160g linux Huawei E Problem There are a number of entries that are for the basic machine hardware then: Cannot download and install anything from the repos because not connected to e106g internet yet. Comments about the reliability of the Vodafone software would be useful I am happy to provide the details if you want.

Now my Swisscom modem can transform itself from being a ridiculously overpriced internet solution to a versatile yet still huawei e160g linux overpriced internet solution!

Here are a few good references for more information on working with AT commands and serial devices: Click on “Three” and click “Edit”. Once saved you should have a new option under your network icon for Mobile Broadband. Huawei e160g linux you prompted for a security code?

Configure Huawei Modem In Fedora Linux

This is roughly what I get from lsmod and df. Comments steve – Wednesday, January 13, at 2: If umtsmon finds modeswitch it will use it.

I was hoping that someone llinux answer this question. Make sure you plugin your E before Ubuntu boots, otherwise the kernel will not fully detect the modem hardware. Huawei e160g linux can then dial the modem with: To set up this device for Internet usage please do the following February 6, at 7: In umtsmon I created a new profile called “gprs” and huawei e160g linux the APN to telstra.