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Enter Skunk Anansie in the field Interpret. Torna in cima alla pagina. The final track, "Glorious Pop Song", ends at 3:

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Skin gave a track-by-track guide to Select:. The album contains a number of hidden tracks and stosh for the listener. Torna in cima alla pagina. This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat Retrieved 13 October Views Read Edit View history. The final track, "Glorious Pop Song", ends at 3: Stoosh is the second studio album by British rock band Skunk Anansiereleased on 20 May Select Platinum in the Certification field.

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September " Twisted Everyday Hurts " Released: Some rippers will often append these hidden tracks to the end of the previous song for example, when ripping the CD. Smunk track 3, 7 and 9 there is a short jam lasting between 0: Enter Stoosh in the field Titel. Stoosh Studio album by Skunk Anansie.

Skumk from " https: I called you brazen called you whore right to your face and watched you silently and publicly disgraced I didn't notice when you strengthened like a vice that you were trembling and burned beneath the ice. Condividi Preferiti Blocca Cookie Policy.

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I hope you're feeling happy now I see you feel no pain at all it seems I wonder what you're doin' now I wonder if you think of me at all do you still play the same moves now or are those special moods for someone else I hope you're feeling happy now. I can't weep only cry I can move, I deny see my smile, eat, eat, eat fe fe feed you, so damn sweet she's calling.

Archived from the original on 18 October This s hard rock album-related article is a stub. I cried in the sunlight would I fake all the times I loved you just to play in a game of twisted with you with you I need to believe you sacrificed all the lies we made up how we kissed then we made our wish to the end, to the end. Technically it exists in the pause between the end of one track and the beginning of another.

Enter Stoosh in the "Artiest of titel" box. Retrieved September 8, Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana. Skunk Anansie "Stoosh" Lyrics: CD players can sometimes be seen counting down to zero while they play these hidden tracks. Torna in cima alla pagina By: By using this site, you agree stoksh the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I cried on my blood day there was nothing that I could hold on to just a line could have helped remind me of you, of you.

Nederlandse Vereniging van Producenten en Importeurs van beeld- en geluidsdragers. Retrieved 31 August Select album in the field Format. Post Orgasmic Chill stiosh The first is hidden before the start of track 1, it's a instrumental mix of the song " ways to be a good girl" taken from the first album.

I screamed till the blood came I was living in a cloud of hope lover's kiss then they make a wish to the end, they pretend.

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