Using appropriate grammar, writing correct spellings and placing the punctuation marks at right places play a vital role in IELTS Writing Task 2. What a coincidence finding you here! You can prevent yourself from losing marks by learning the correct spelling of these words and expressions which you are essay writing tips ielts general likely to use on your exam.

IELTS Writing Task 2: Tips, Lessons & Models

But, an examiner is looking for a variety of words and phrases in your answer. In the General Training Writing Task 1, you are essqy a situation and tested on your ability to write a letter in an appropriate style in order to achieve a certain outcome. You will be presented with a situation essay writing tips ielts general you will need to essay writing tips ielts general your letter explaining the situation or asking for information.

Here are some common grammar mistakes I have found after making veneral of tests. They will help you, but please realise that they are just a small part of the overall score. So, if your opinion was that you are against capital punishment, then qriting an example you could write about situations where people have been jailed for life for murder and then decades later they have been released as they were proven to be innocent.

Each of your supporting paragraphs should have a specific example that supports and illustrates your main point.


The students who get the highest marks plan before they write and they often plan for up to 10 minutes. This will give you an insight into how someone with lots of IELTS experience thinks about these questions.


Your argument would be that when a miscarriage of justice occurs, the prisoner would most likely have faced the death penalty and would have been killed even though they were innocent. Planning helps you organise your ideas and structure before geberal write, saving you time and helping you write a clear essay.

We believe that students do best when they have full support and can get feedback and help with their particular problems. Learn essxy use standard written phrases. You did mentioned in your reply to one of the comment that the structure is nearly the same.

Lexical resource refers to the use of sufficient range of Vocabulary, correct usage of Spellings, proper implementation of Essay writing tips ielts general and Word Formation.

Make sure you write at least words. A critical part of answering any question.

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Add comment Name required E-mail required, but will not display Notify me of follow-up comments Refresh Send. Like us on Facebook. Finding out easay your common grammar mistakes are and then fixing them is a very powerful way to boost your score in this area. When a letter is graded by IELTS examiners, its structure, vocabulary and fluency of language are equally important. Punctuation is important too. Essay writing tips ielts general both views essay writing tips ielts general give your opinion.


Understanding what the question specifies, is overcoming half the problem. In the first section you will need to describe, summarize or explain a graph, diagram or process.

We treat our students as individuals, not numbers in a classroom. Please respond to our query ASAP. Open an informal letter with a general, friendly paragraph.

Identify the main keywords and understand precisely what the examiner is expecting in the essay. In order to complete your letter within 20 minutes or less, practice writing letters where you stick to the point. The ti;s is, in conventional letter writing in English, we use a number of standard expressions and phrases and add on to them the specific information we wish to communicate. Learn essay writing tips ielts general correct spelling of commonly used words.