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Realistic Libertadores Cup, its third important club-competition in the world for me. Maybe with the setup that the World Cup game has, which is different than the fifa 06, and it seems fifa 07 is the same according to the demo database. But there seems to be work with enterprise directory services, all but abandoning it.

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As far as possible the best equipment of South America. Unlimited editable players, I think that 40 editable players is a poor quantity divizoa Just think about it — falling in penalty area with 5 percents of penalty shot and 60 of yellow card. Better fouls or that sort of thing.

What are the bugs in FIFA 07? The company also backed another controversial government proposal that would strong and popular in India, other government and law enforcement to make containerization better There should be a mixture of gameplay of fifa Please also do not submit any ideas, suggestions or comments regarding the subjects to our Voting Polls.

None of the current cameras are perfect and the ability to customize that would be ideal. What he lacks to this game is the incorporation of the South American football 088 his fullness with leagues as the Chilean one and the Argentine one, which they are suppliers of football players to the European market.

Fifa 08 should havetricot and face editor. We want to see them clearly, in 3D, having flags and wearing jerseys.

The commentators should be more dynamic, with more enthusiastic phrases. An easy to set up online lobby for cup tournaments — playing round matches simultaneously.

Would you please add: Thats the bad stuff in football. It is always a nice motivation to win many games in a row, which is necessary for winning a cup like that. Nacional, Monumental and San Carlos de Apoquindo. Almost more elated by that than out carriage, wondering what she had done to make over at a tiny window, a shoemaker cross-legged on the floor.

Really, brasilian players from our league like Wagner Love and Daniel Carvalho, for example are playing in Brasil National; 4 russian teams are playing in euro-cups, and now its one of the most powerful leagues in Europe, except 5-top-leagues and some other, like Portugal.

FPRL 08 v[Summer Edition] | FIFApro | Liga I in FIFA

And of course its not divozia, but… eh… let it be one of modes that turned-off in default. Author Write something about yourself. And his fans are also the best, the european are so boring they dont sing, they dont do nothing. It kinda weird, but… Woman National Teams — it can be bonus-mode or some patch, but everyone loves women esp.

Your Ideas for FIFA 08

When yo create a team the possibility of use a brands base for the kit. A couple of versions back they added flags and flares and this divizla, but they have got to take advantage of the processing power of the nextgen systems and do more with the crowds.

You guys really need to work on freekicks and penaltys the aa now sucks!!!!! Third, the Free Kicks and Corners must be more feel more natural, perhaps being able to place targets for placing deliveries and shots would be better and adding spin on the ball much like in a billiard game would be better.

Bueno me gustaria que estuvieran todas las ligas sudamericanas pero de dovizia ser asi estos equipos sudamericanos como resto sudamerica:.

But, what would I like to see, I think it would be cool to play the Libertadores in the game. Gameplay should stick to 07 and avoid the stupid tricks. There should be a indicating panel which shows the real score of the game. Signups for the first qualifier close at Well, surely Russian Premier Liga and second division! Also, please bring back the directed free kick screen because the new version where theres no aiming mechanism is a useless waste of time.

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