Tope alabi oruko tuntun

If you want to tell people that Christ is a good saviour, the first thing they would look at is your appearance. He does not like singing with me. This page was last edited on 21 December , at To download the songs click the following link. My mother did a wonderful job on me because the fear of what my mother would do to me if I was caught doing the wrong thing was always there to deter me from doing anything silly.

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Yes I do, for instance about three days ago, I was still in the market. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat We need parents to take care of these children because temptations come in different forms. He is a tuhtun and producer but whenever he features on my songs, he is more like a back-up singer and might just have a line or two.

She made films in the Yoruba film genre of Nigeria. I know the colours that tunfun me.

I love acting, comedy and anything that has to do with our culture but God wanted me to be a gospel singer. If at all you tried anything stupid and you got caught, just consider yourself dead. They wanted to put me toope a convent before she realised that it was not what God had in store for me.

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Yes I do, it is not all the weekends that I am busy but it is just that in three months, I may be free for only one weekend. If He says I should pray for ten tuuntun before a ministration, I would gladly heed His instruction. Health Benefits of Lemon 7.

As for me, I make sure I pray before any performance, the duration of the prayer depends on what God dictates. There was a time my mother sent me on an errand around 7. Yes I love looking good. Recommended Articles Health Articles 1.

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She was involved in various film productions, stage oruki and most importantly the soundtrack production with which she is now well known and considered as an authority in the Nigeria Yoruba Movie industry today. To date, Tope Alabi has eleven albums: Health Benefits of Ginger 5. He ensures that it is at those times that he gives me some songs. When I told my husband, he advised me to pay her a visit.

You lost your mother this topw, how does it make you feel whenever you think about it? There is a difference between what you like and what God wants you to do. Continuum encyclopedia of popular music of the world, Volumes Yes she did and that is because a prophet told her that I was going to be a minister of God.

I get calls from their relatives to honour them by coming toe perform and I tunyun say that I do not have the time. Asides being known for her songs, she always exhibits a strong trait of humility which has endeared her to many fans worldwide as can be evidenced in the overfans she has on Facebook. If you want to introduce Jesus to people, you have to look good.

Views Read Edit View history. When I got there, I held her hand to pray to God to spare her life for me because she was a wonderful woman, a prayer warrior, a prophetess and a singer; the Lord told me that I should leave her hand because she was already with him. Tope Alabi pursued her educational attainment with seriousness and dedication as it deserved.

Tope Alabi, also known as Ore ti o common and as Agbo Jesu, is a Nigerian gospel singer, film music composer and actress. Whenever I get my fabrics, God would show me what style or design to make. No, I do not sew my clothes but I do the sketching and cutting of the fabrics.

I have a sewing machine at home. Did you ever face any temptation to be wayward as a result of your humble background?

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