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A while back i made a post on a program that can predict the cards that come out and was laughed at and mocked. Originally Posted by bbazal. Bonafide nonsense, a half creative way to hustle a few bucks out of those few souls who wanna believe so badly there willing to take a shot. The youtube vid is their ad and of course they're going to say it works in their ad. Last edited by fadmin ; Fri Feb 10, ,

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Originally Posted by bbazal. Originally Posted by jimbohanna.

Super-Moderator 6 Time Bracelet Winner. There are detection methods in place and users of them have been issued lifetime bans. I think im going to contact pokerstars support and ask them if i can test pokerfng program for you,to see if it does actually work or not,and thats the best thing to do in my opinion and then if it did work i would fin a way to stop it somehow,any proceeds if it did work i would write down and then return to the opp who had lost does this sound like a good idea jw?

I followed the policy of mailing in the refund request ookerrng even used delivery confirmation to prove they rec'd it.

I think I will cash out from Full Tilt, like To top it off, I tried to use the 30 day money back gaurantee Since there is no pokfrrng regulatory agency monitoring the on-line poker sites, all players are at risk of losing their money at any time. Originally Posted by bigboydan. However, since the US govt is unwilling or too stupid to licence, regulate, and tax on-line poker, there is little to fight fraud and scams related to on-line poker.

And to think I contemplated getting it but it doesn't work on the poker sites I use.

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Last edited by bigboydan; at Sat Feb 11, Holdem, Since it looks like that software's about 5 yrs old, I think it would be a waste of your time doing that. I suspect that program doesn't work entirely as advertised, videos can be post-edited quite easily. If there is a way to cheat at making money at online poker just as in any gambling activitysomeone will find it and try it - on both sides of the spectrum.

This program is self programmed by putting in input for hands and then well the outcome is horrible, it predicts your outs according to what i have seen. Last edited by fadmin ; Fri Feb 10, Thats all im going to say,any thoughts or reasons to doubt this please i would to hear. No cards EVER matched. I just put it in the normal internet search engines. Type in and confirm a new password.

pokerrng v6.0 download, free pokerrng v6.0 download.

We have placed cookies on your computer to improve your experience on our website. Fri Feb 10, It would work to well to not get caught. Also sharkscope the users pokrrng in the sample video, he's a lifetime loser over small limits on PokerStars. I personally have seen this 92 action etc 3 times in two days knocking me out of whatever i was in,just find it really strange and if this is the case want to fiqure it out and get it stopped.

Moxie he quit again this morning. Because that's what is takes. Originally Posted by crazyl.

Note that your PokerStars School password must be at least 8 characters long and begin with a number You seem far too easily distracted pkkerrng have yet to display any signs that you might be realising that it's "your" game you should be concentrating on. So with a little youtube research found poker rng 6. Full Tilt actually randomizes their cards at the moment of the deal. Otherwise, we'll assume you're OK to continue.

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