Cluefinders 5th grade

Cluefinders Reading Adventures Ages Once a bridge has been built, Joni and Santiago enter the ship and find their scuba gear , allowing them to pass into the ocean. Furthermore, people on the island have been steadily disappearing, seemingly swallowed up by holes in the ground that move on their own. Before the rest of the island can be accessed, the user must build a bridge over a river of molten sulfur. The game has 10 different activities, each with their own skill and goal and divided among four different topics.

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Four of the fish alter the word by changing its tenseadding 5tj prefix or suffix or by replacing the word with a synonym or antonym. Once a bridge has been built, Joni and Santiago enter the ship and find their scuba gearallowing them to pass into the ocean.

In order to allow Owen and Leslie to pass over a giant chasm, the user has to build a series of catwalks by using the gradw tiles that correctly spell a word that is said aloud and given in a sentence by one of the aliens' robots.

ClueFinders: 5th Grade Adventures for Windows () - MobyGames

Every time this is achieved, Charlotte will provide a package of silver CrypTiles. The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: The main difference is that the Fishes Within the Fish is a language arts activity with the symbols on each turquoise or jade CrypTile translating into a word. Sign In Don't have an account? Leslie and Owen find a way to release the specimens using using the computer guarding to them to simulate a predator-prey relationship that would allow the species to thrive on the aliens' planet.

Not particularly stranger than the rest of the island's peculiarities is the fact that it apparently rains constantly in exactly one place, that being over a deteriorating settlement inhabited by a Southern belle. As they try to comprehend what happened, a quake goes through the island.

In an American Revolutionary War era town, the only remaining resident is a stockade -bound man who has apparently christened himself "The Great CrypTile Thief. All of the people flee into a nearby room and close the door. In order to acquire some gold CrypTiles, the user will have to place map directions in an order that will allow Joni to safely make it through his dangerous garden.

Charlotte has been trying to read stories that were written on the backs of silver CrypTiles by various other castaways. Would not purchase anymore learning company products.

Leslie and Owen contact Santiago and Joni with the video phone, and explain that they trapped in an underground chamber somewhere, where there are thousands of the same kind of artifacts Joni and Santiago retrieved earlier. Fleeing from grzde aliens, the ClueFinders and the islanders rush into a room with four giant buttons.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The central face will translate the symbols on the CrypTiles, revealing they are numbers, while the other four faces change the value of the numbers through a mathematical operation.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. One person found this helpful.

The goal on the surface is to collect silver and gold CrypTiles from the two aforementioned activities so that they can be used to complete the Faces Within the Face challenge. Views Read Edit View history.

The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: Secret of the Living Volcano

Joni and Santiago end up in a strange room with a lot of containers filled with a green, jelly-like substance. One of the islanders that they met prior arrives at the door in a ship, presumably Captain Clark's after it was patched up, and all of the people quickly get on board.

As they all escape on the ship, a giant wave from the tsunami pushes them far out to sea, just as the volcano on the island erupts, and the entire island breaks apart and sinks into the sea.

Then, a gigantic spaceship shaped like the island emerges from the water, and in a flash, it zooms away. Leslie and Owen discover that aliens have secretly been using the island to trap and contain various species of animals, and humans, for the purpose of raising them on their planet.

Once three sets of slots have been filled, the challenge is completed. An old man, listed in the credits as "Chicken Man", greets Joni and Santiago after they make it over the sulfur river and tells them they need to collect CrypTiles in order to make it past the Faces Within the Face.

This woman, whose ancestors were stranded on the island just after the American Civil Warstill lives and dresses as people did at that time.

Presumably, she is the character cluefinfers as " Charlotte No-Haira " in the game's credits. Trade these three tubes are formed, the tube will spit out a jade CrypTile, but will inform the ClueFinders that he has yet another one stuck in his throat. They are all perfectly still and staring straight ahead, as if locked in some form of stasis. Each piece has a fraction or decimal written on it to inform the user how to put his segments together to form three tubes.

Before the rest of the island can be accessed, the user must build a bridge over a river of molten sulfur.

Doesn't work on my computer, says it will but due to software upgrades it's junk.

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