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The power terminals and control terminals can still be at hazardous voltage levels even when the motor is stationary. Ambient and cooling air must not contain any electrically conductive gases, vapors and dusts which could diminish the functionality. Unpacking The packaging comprises board and corrugated paper. It must be ensured that no danger for persons and equipment can occur by energizing the power and the unit. After the data set to be downloaded has been selected, if the identification of the stored data set does not agree with the identification of the connected unit, an error message appears for approximately 2 seconds.

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Bug listing with status RESOLVED with resolution WORKSFORME as at 2019/01/04 08:47:06

Timeout during BUSY during normal communication. B 0 KK Ref, frequency: The converter output and the motor output are too different. M8 power connections M6 fastening on spacers M4 circuit. After pressing the "P" key, the alarm message "A" appears.

The direction of rotation is counter-clockwise when seen from above. Analog input 2 Furthermore, the normalization values for current, voltage, frequency, speed and torque signals are determined during the drive setting. The connecting nipples should be made of stainless steel or thick-walled aluminium.

Electronic components vcc not be mechanically damaged or destroyed potential health risks. The "Download" procedure is then started with "P".

Cambridge F Beta release announcement by Jesse Keating.


Replace TB configuration software. Standard drives default 1: The unit must not be opened until at least after this delay time. Reference to N-controller see rXX-sheets: The digit of the xth position indicates the valve where the fault occurred at power-up. If finer filters are used, the filter surface and shnc the opening cross-section upwards have to be adapted accordingly.

Hazardous voltages are still present in the unit up to 5 minutes after it has been powered down due to the DC link capacitors. Inverter-Value Interface interface board for the power section The IVI board is screwed on at the rear of the electronics box.

Bug listing with status RESOLVED with resolution WORKSFORME as at /01/04

The factory settings for Index 1 of the respective parameter are displayed in the parameter list. BUSY does not become active within 1 sec. During communication, the OP1S assumes the zync of the master whereas the connected units function as slaves.

F Fixed setpoint4 P Detailed knowledge of the complete parameter set of the unit is not required. Instructions the installation in accordance with EMC requirements, such as screening, grounding, location of filters and wiring, are contained in the drive converter documentation. Built-in components in the roof section If components are built into a cabinet roof section DC bus, DC 24 V supplythese should be placed in the center if possible so that the air leaving the fans can reach the openings in the roof cover unobstructed.

Wait until acceleration has been completed. These are situated in the rectifier section between the fan assembly and the inverter. Checking for selected file when clicking retrieve was checking wrong combo box. No edge modulation systems 4: M Output Amps Current lim.

The parameters for power section definition are thus not transferred. The pipes must be securely restrained and checked for leakages. Reference is made in the function diagrams to the respective function diagram numbers Sheet [xxx] of the detail diagrams in the Compendium. If there are any large differences, you can proceed on the assumption that the rated frequency P or the rated speed P do not correspond to the real values.

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