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Henrik has turned 75 and has lived with his nurse Nini, aged 91, in a castle outside of Vienna for the past 41 years. Questions for Embers by Sandor Marai. Quarantuno anni passati in solitudine "La luce delle candele si sta smorzando, tra i grandi alberi del giardino spira un vento che preannuncia l'alba. Patient serene prose allows the shifts in time to flow in silence.

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His extreme popularity is due to his work but also to his life, which mirrored Hungary's misfortunes in the 20th century.

I rate this hidden gem a solid 4 stars, and look forward to reading more of his works as they become available. The nature of one never desists. I don't need to be bored into a black hole to know that there are people saneor are as boring as a black hole. What will I do with you?

Embers by Sándor Márai

It is brutally cold outside, but in here there is a fire, and very fine wine. Quarantuno anni passati in solitudine "La luce delle candele si sta smorzando, tra i grandi alberi del giardino spira un vento che preannuncia l'alba.

Oh, people really like that! Henrik chiede se desidera che leggano insieme il messaggio di Krisztina… Henrik con gesto lento butta il libretto nella brace che si arroventa, si anima e lambisce la sua preda.

I don't want to wipe the spit off his weak chin because he's too much of a pussy to have a thought! He was 89 years old. And it is true, the first half of the book consists of the main character's the General memories of his childhood. This news caused me to throw furniture around my room, and I'd fear for the translator's safety if she ever went to Hungary.

Maybe the original was good. Jul 05, Mary rated it it was amazing Shelves: The room is meticulously set as it was at that last meal, down to that third place setting, empty now. Marai writes how Henrik's and Konrad's lives moved on divergent paths.

His novels were enbers bestsellers before Hungary fell into fascist hands, and are now being translated into English. View all 12 comments.

Embers Reader’s Guide

Why its influence inherently dangerous [p. E io ho iniziato a cercare e a recuperare altro di Marai. Open Preview See a Problem? Sembravano veramente gay questi due.

Profoundly antifascist, he survived World War II, but persecution by the Communists drove him from the country infirst to Italy and then to the United States.

Read it Forward Read it first. It lies in the pall of gloom cast by karai shadow of some tragedy unspoken of, lurking in the dark, cobwebbed nooks and corners of a secluded castle, the relentless flow of time th Embers is a tale of heart-breaking beauty. Candles burn until they are totally consumed by the flickering nature of their essence, as it happens with life when confronted with its impending mortality.

Review: Embers by Sándor Márai | Books | The Guardian

Di lei rimane il diario. Stay in Touch Sign up. It's the human condition. View all 4 comments. A few irritants have kept me from placing this book on my personal, metaphysical pedestal of absolute literary perfection - the objectification of women, a subtle nod of approval to medieval values like the appreciation of gender specific character traits, the seemingly endless and tedious monologue in the latter half of the book and a sense of perverse vanity the central characters seem to derive out of their European ancestry caused me to take away that 1 star.

Sometimes I think these two camps are what define the entire world, and all these class variations in power relations are simply variants of this otherness Marai in this book talks about how there exists a dichotomy between people who are eternally divided by a difference of temperament and inclinations. To them the period was filled with pretense, hypocrisy and pa In our modern age, I think we tend to glamorize the turn-of-the-century upper classes.

Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. I found myself re-reading certain passages to make sure I gathered the lesson clearly in my mind.

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