If you have a new phone running the latest and more challenging software, then I recommend this service. Please tell me how to download apps from the market. Hi, just tried x10root and work perfect. Deleting Game Trils is no problem. I hav downloaded x10root,universalAndroot,Z4root but I cant root my x10 mini…… Can anyone help mee…..

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But after i deleted the moxier trash i unrooted and deleted all. It works now, but then i got warning about virus or something that i should uninstall the program. I delete Android OS from my x10 mini pro…. The only problem I can come up with the Galaxy S, is the random lag problem which is yet to be fixed.

One Click Root

Click OK to download busybox. It seems the people here are everything but helpful. Zakuan 7 June at I see no reason why this should not also work on the E10i Xperia Mini I came across this method last week and tried it over the weekend. I download but it is blocked from installing.

It appears as below. I downloaded titanium backup as well. I have done this, as I am a newbie. Aug 8, at 7: Does not work with the latest firmware on the x Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode.

This apk did not worked on my xperia mini pro. Sep 6, Posts: I suppose you think the Desire is better than the Galaxy S. What Customers are Saying.

Scott H October 27, View Testimonial. Aug 6, at 6: Is there a true solution? Is anyone here running 2.

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Android Apps and Games. Guys, this post is from aug,7, ! X10Root — worked Hurraaaaaa — no more bullshit moxier!!!!!

Anonymous 14 May at Xperia X10 Mini - Firmware 1. Why the X10Root doesn't show after I copied it to sdcard and enabled non-market app?? So do it on your own risk.

Sony Ericsson Android XPERIA

I also doubt if it really works. The program will then start to re-download the same files. Excellent — was able to remove Peggle and the unwanted apps within 5 minutes, using Rootx I have a Japanese xperia x10 from DoCoMo. ANyone who can help me???

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