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The title song, "Trava zelena", was the most popular song of the year and Severina's primate on the Croatian media platform became stronger than ever before. Often referred to as her most iconic album, Djevojka sa sela is truly a masterpiece of Croatian music production. Retrieved from " https: Following the huge success of her album Pogled ispod obrva , Severina's concert tour Virujen u te further confirmed her status of one of the most popular Croatian music artists.

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SEVERINA FEAT. FM - ITALIANA SPOT - 2012. (9 J.U.G.) Parodija/Parody

Djevojka sa sela was her last album composed by Tutic and his production company Tutico. Up to this day the song has been viewed more than 90 million times becoming the second-most viewed song on the Balkans.

Although the album did not achieve as great success as the previous projects, Severina continued to work hard and fought her way back. She performed, yet again, in every large city in the region. The whole album was inspired by rock sounds and was both critically and spo acclaimed.

The song was viewed around 1. Following the release of the album, Severina went on to her second big regional tour.

It has been viewed more thantimes in one day and served as an introduction into her new studio album severlna is about to be released in the following months. Third song with its video, Mrtav bez menewas released on 5 June; in the first five days it gained around 3 million views on YouTube.

On 21 Februaryshe gave birth to a boy named Aleksandar in Split. Severina at Karlovac Beer Festival On 27 March she released the second official video from the upcoming album, Otrove featuring Bosnian rapper and producer Jala Brat.

VIDEO Severina objavila provokativni spot za pjesmu ˝Uno Momento˝

They soon began dating, and in August she announced that she was pregnant with her first child. The album served as her breakthrough to the national platform. It was proclaimed an anthem sveerina Croatian National Football Team while their involvement in European Football Championship during which they ranked at number 3.

The title song "Djevojka sa sela" is even today considered as one of her biggest hits. The album was influenced by jazz music. September 29, — January 5, It had total of 10 songs: By the end of the she had had a concert in Kombank Arena Belgrade, Serbia singing in front of 20 people. In Marchshe released the song "Alcatraz", called after Alcatraz.

The concert was followed by strong media promotion and was proclaimed "the most spectacular event of the year".

SEVERINA FEAT. FM - ITALIANA SPOT - (9 J.U.G.) Parodija/Parody - video dailymotion

The album is scheduled for release by the end of Retrieved 13 September After a two-year break, she released her 8th studio album Severgreen in This page was last edited on 3 Januaryat Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 25 September Album had total of 10 songs including: In the song, Severina sang about her love for the native Dalmatia, white color and the Virgin Mary "First to me is Mary, second to me is white color, and third is your love".

Although the decision to cast Severina was met with criticism by some commentators who questioned her acting credentials, the musical premiered in March with considerable success. The song has collected more than 6 million views in just 15 days and more than 14 million views in 3 months.

Retrieved from " https: She performed in every bigger city on Balkans. The composer of the whole album was Zrinko Tutic.

The composer of this album was famous and respected author Djordje Novkovic with whom Severina started working on her next album. After the release of the album she had gone on the big Croatian tour, performing in every bigger city including Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Osjek, etc.

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