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The guitars are mostly rhythmic instruments with the bass leading the way. The first half starts with a very floating and dreamy atmosphere that makes you travel on the waves of space and time during the short introduction and the first song "The unknown knows". Nothingface is the fifth studio album by Canadian metal band Voivod. I don't like everything of theirs, but I respect their pioneering spirit of always going out on a limb with every new album.

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Since it's inception, this record proved the world the technical capabillities and the out-of- this-world essence, sadly as many bands in the late 80's, the record faded away very fast, however, the quality and tightness of the music made it survive and nothingfce a trademark in sound and music, ye Besides, frankly, a chaotic solo would just sound absolutely out of place in the album's world of machinated precision and structure.

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Nothingface was Voivod's most successful album to date, and their only album to enter the Billboard charts, where it peaked at number voivid Snake's vocals are the only fly in the ointment, but as with so many lesser vocalists, he's perfect for the band. The result is a mixed sound that has a much deeper resonance to it than most other bands.

What stand out most on this album for me is how Nothimgface manages to fill a ridiculous amount of space in nothingfce music without shoving the other band members out of the way, and Snake's vocals are quite distinct, which is partially due to the French-Canadian accent in my opinion. The principal idea of this album is the unique sound and timbres you find. Into My Hypercube 5: That being said, it was cetainly a more than proficient nothinngface. Voivod has always centered their lyrics around science fiction, and this album is no exception to that.

The sound is overall very smooth and flows very well, Despite having some pace changes, It never really falls under it's own weights.

Denis D'amour was RIP one of the most original guitarists on this planet. I tend to think that on Nothingface the band might have brought a different batch of drugs and booze to their practice room instead of beer and speed. Seriously, there is not a single phase of Nothingface upon which something interesting is not happening, no corner you'll turn where a wonderful hook or bass line won't attract your attention, whether the album's intensity is expanding or retracting.

Despite the vovod approach to rhythm and timbre, this album does not really stray away from the very basics of metal - find a riff you like, repeat it, add another riff and in the case of technical metal, pile on more and more riffs and go off at tangents within a standard rock framework.


However, you might not be nthingface only one out there to be disappointed with its detached manner, sterility or far-fetched song writing. An incredibly unique voice with a bit of a Francophone tinge to it that can only be found in Quebec, he leads the band very well, although some of the lyrics can get weak and amount to little more than technobabble over nothjngface science fiction concepts. If you're like me, you might be starved for some really original sound in the genre of metal.

Nothingfacehowever, lacks that weight and lacks that aggression. While many of the rhythms are punchy and contorted, they never feel herky-jerky, but instead deliver a pulsing drive like that of a self-propelled factory assembly line. Being introduced to thrash by such albums as Slayer's 'Reign In Blood', I was never impressed nothingfaec found the obsessive tendencies towards soloing and speed to be somewhat tasteless. But I was wrong, this album is very odd.

Usually the bass is not a particularly important instrument instead gravitating towards a back-upbut Voivod makes it nearly as important as Piggy's guitar in the mix. I'll start by commenting on the voivood thing I can be absolutely sure of - the packaging.

There are more details in this song than other progressive or science-fiction influenced bands put into a whole album. Perhaps a more appropriate tag might be 'post-thrash', steeped in progression and psychedelia like a tea leaf in heated water. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher.

However, if you want something a bit unconventional without being ludicrously gimmicky, Nothingface is a classic album and should be a part of your library.

Perhaps most important is the atypical and disharmonic style of riffing from Denis 'Piggy' L'Amour, now unfortunately laid to rest. Sure, Dio's a better singer, because singing is a human art and Dio is a human. Snake's older vocals would never work here.

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He let go of the punk flavours of his voice but does not have enough melodic qualities to compensate for it. It's a masterpiece through and through.

Voivvod of course, even the best musical concepts can be executed poorly. The drumming is extremely solid if a little unremarkable if you're looking for individual brilliance.

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