Same as Windowed Radial Checkerboard Demo except now the checkerboard mask rotates this demo is a modified version of one coded by Keith Schneider. Some basic proficiency with computers is all that will be assumed, but of course any background in scripting and programming will be to your advantage here. Windowed Radial Checkerboard Demo: We will then move onto demos which utilise OpenGL to do geometrically correct perspective projection.

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But again, this is not geometrically correct i. The demos provided as an educational resource. All of the contributed code is free to use and modify, just as with all the other demos. These demos produce sounds. This is useful if you are presenting text on a monitor viewed via a mirror e. If this is the case, it will be clearly stated in the code which has been contributed. This means that no special equipment is used to display the images.

Shows you how to draw multiple rectangles with different colours simultaneously.

Psychtoolbox-3 - Psychtoolbox Forum

Also, PTB provides a excellent range of demos showing this type of functionality. Animates a square moving sinusoidally across the screen, with its colour being dynamically contingent on its screen position. See also "Rectangle Coordinates Demo" which interactively pxychtoolbox how screen rectangles are defined by their coordinates.

Structure from motion, in this instance, is ambiguous about the depth of the cylinder, as the dots are projected orthographically onto a 2D surface your screen. This demo shows three basic ways in which to present a stimulus which would change on each frame. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

It opens a screen and colours it grey.

It psyfhtoolbox you provide full and sufficient information when posting on the forum, see guidelines here. Believe it or not programming can be a lot of fun.

Psyhctoolbox is now primary developed for Linux, reduced functionality and support is provided for Windows and OSX, so one would psychtiolbox to bear this in mind when interpreting any response. Learning something cool is rarely super easy, that's the whole point. Steven Dakin University of Auckland which implements a Log-Gabor filter click here to download the file. Shows you how to draw mirror reversed text. I have psycjtoolbox volume settings in code which produce comfortable sounds psychtoolox my system, but this might not be the case for yours.

Psychtoolbox is offered alongside many alternative toolboxes for programming Psychophysics and Psychology experiments, such as PsychJava for Java, or PsychoPy for Python. Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April All stub articles. In this demo we demonstrate the difference between "external" and "internal" texture rotation.

New Line Text Demo: This demo introduces stereoscopic presentation by rendering a random dot stereogram of a square positioned in a depth plane in front of the screen. Please make sure you carefully read the comments in the code as these provide an explanation of why things are done the way they are.

Psychtoolbox for MATLAB

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Now we have mastered drawing static stimuli to the psychtolobox, we will learn how to animate these shapes.

In this demo you can move the mouse cursor around the screen and we write text on the screen letting you know what the X and Y pixel coordinates of the cursor are rounded to the nearest pixel.

Scaled Dot Grid Demo: Global Motion Gabor Array: In this section I provide demos of code which has been contributed to the site. If you have problems with core PTB functionality ask questions there.

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