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Nursing Homes as Complex Adaptive Systems: In the exampke of nursing homes, effective self-organization case study example nursing care plan be expected to result in a care plan that is more innovative, resident-specific, and sensitive to change Figure 1. We collected publicly reported MDS quality prior to each case study, and calculated a quartile rank for each study facility compared to other NC nursing homes.

They go on to discuss a new resident.

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Indeed, during a State Survey that we observed during the study period, the facility was cited several times for failure to implement interventions case study example nursing care plan stated on the care plan. Managers should consider implementing systematic opportunities, such as shift report, meetings, and rounds, as well as encouraging informal staff interaction. Care planning meetings were brief, and for the purpose of obtaining signatures on the appropriate documents.

A Case Study Approach. Western Journal of Nursing Research. Health Care Manage Rev. We used data from a exapmle case study of nursing home management practices with complexity science as its conceptual model.

Houston, we have a problem! Although the formal written care plan had minimal impact on patient care at Harbor, there was evidence that spontaneous, self-organized care planning activities occurred between the frontline nursing staff and other members of the interdisciplinary team.


In contrast to the pattern of case study example nursing care plan observed at Harbor, Sweet Dell had a stable staff with strong connections among the administration and care plan team, while the frontline staff remained isolated.

Nursing Care Plans

Nursing homes may need to invest in new technologies such as wtudy documentation and decision support systems, and provide administrative support to reduce the burden of documentation on their clinical staff.

Furthermore, plzn connections between the frontline nursing staff and the interdisciplinary care plan team appear to be particularly vital to both formal care plan implementation and self-organized informal care planning. Author case study example nursing care plan Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Second, we observed that informal, impromptu care planning was more likely to include resident-specific information, and more likely to be implemented than the formal care plans.

Present to your audience Case study example nursing care plan remote presentation. For example, facilitated by their multiple connections, several LPNs took the lead in developing a plan of care for their residents.

Better quality measures are needed so that regulators can fulfill their obligation to protect nursing home residents without focusing on documentation that may be unrelated to care actually delivered. Moreover, there was evidence that Sweet Dell team members sometimes modified the content of the care plan because of fears of regulatory oversight. This was fully supported by the Nursing Home Administrator who studg concerns that the staff did not have enough time to discuss clinical issues.


Patient appears to have more subcutaneous fat L. Field note from a Stand-up Meeting: Although the intent of regulations may be to improve cognitive diversity and information flow in care planning, thin connections case study example nursing care plan examplw care plan team and the frontline nursing staff in three of the four homes severely limited their impact.

McDaniel R, Walls M.

Turnover in the facility was relatively low and many administrators and frontline staff had worked in the facility for case study example nursing care plan than 10 years. Open in a separate window. Field note from Morning Meeting: Do they do their own bath? In the example above, the falling resident might have benefited from a further assessment of risk factors such as medications or toileting practices——clinical insights that an Stduy could have brought to the discussion.

Present to your audience.