NiXPS Edit is part of these download collections: Merge documents, extract pages The Merge feature allows you to combine different documents into one. NiXPS Edit includes multiple viewing modes, such as document list, page list, and document outline. You can now find text in a split second with the Quick Search feature, instantly highlighting the text string you are looking for. This also enables you to change the color of any object in the file.

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Other tools let you examine document information when it comes to metrics, filling and text e. Next to that there is a high-level object-based api that allows you to create or modify XPS documents programatically. The file that goes into the library is kept as intact as possible when written back out including comments, special sections, etc Hotkeys are supported, along with user documentation.

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Rely on our tried and tested NiXPS technology. Through the Inspector you can interactively edit selected text. You can use it for adding custom graphics or text, do manipulations, run checks, etc Document manipulation Object editing Text editing Variable data handling.

When needed you can also export your document to PDF to facilitate document exchange with environments less familiar with XPS. Text Corrections Fix that small typo with the inline text correction tool. Take a look at some detailed code examples using our SDK By combining this with a host of corrective editing capabilities XPS becomes a viable document format for the graphic arts community. Javascript is easy to learn nixpps ubiquitous; we combine it with our production tested NiXPS SDK application programming interface APIgiving you and your team virtually unlimited possibilities.

Based on a design by Gururaj.

Read more about the different Native XPS processing, fast and precise Our library runs at optimum native speed. Via our api you can take advantage of this and only change parts of the file that require changing.

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Here you can see which fonts are used, inspect and extract images, get Package info and scroll through the Package Tree. Our library runs on both Mac OS X and Windows, and is a fully independent implementation that njxps no dependency on a specific underlying application deployment platform. Our Quicksearch is a true 'search while you type', because nobody likes to wait for slow computers.

The search and replace feature allows you to change specific text throughout the entire document. It comprises a few intuitive options that can be nipxs by all types of users, including the ones with limited or no prior experience in word processing applications. NET application, via a single function call.

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Its user-friendly interface is familiar to the one of a common word processor, nuxps of a normal window with a neatly organized structure. New UI Get things done quicker and more efficient.

Based on a design by Gururaj. This ensures high-quality, fully searchable, vector PDFs.

Advanced, cross-platform XPS editing hixps document manipulation, featuring support for text and object editing, along with variable data handling. Jan 13th, Trial. NET or win32 world: Browse the file structure and extract elements The Document Browser is an advanced document inspection tool enabling you to browse through the the entire structure and the different elements of the XPS file.

On top of that there are extra tools allowing specific actions on XPS files f. Scripting Explore unlimited possibilities with Javascript.

With its document merge and page extraction features, NiXPS Edit provide the basic features needed in any professional document environment. Advanced, cross-platform XPS editing and document manipulation. We offer very competitive and nixpd licensing schemes, giving you the opportunity to start offering quality XPS support nixpps your applications, today.

Zoom and scroll tools are also provided, providing powerful tools to inspect your XPS files in full detail, on any platform. The library provides an api that allows very precise and very focused operations on the XPS file.

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