Understanding & Writing Business Plans & Proposals

However, it should normally include the following information:. This should be done by first referring to the invitation to submit a proposal, for instance when the invitation was received, the deadline for submissions for proposals, etc. When a formal document is read by your supervisor, he or she will have different interest from a technician reading the same document. Essentially, if your cover letter already summarises and emphasises the main points of the proposal clearly, the Executive summary is bueiness redundant and tabke be business plan cover page and table of contents.

The table of contents is placed directly after the title page and before all other contenta. In addition, as already tabld out above, we will require regular support and training sessions for new members of staff, as well as occasional refresher courses for existing members, or even specialised one-off training sessions arranged at relatively short notice.

The basic design of our software is based on a teaching platform created within the framework of the business plan cover page and table of contents project of the two founders of the company, which was awarded a distinction and received the first prize amongst all final-year projects in the Computer Science Department at XYZ University in If you make it too long, it will actually lose some of its usefulness.

A table of contents lists all the headings down to a certain level, usually 2 or 3 of the document in their order of appearance, along with their page numbers. Of course, there may sometimes be only a limited degree of flexibility in this, particularly if the structure of your document is relatively fixed by convention.


Essentially, the front matter contains everything up to the beginning of the main text bodyand the back matter everything that follows it. The table of contents and table of appendices should refer the reader to the sections and subsections of the business anr.

Contents of a Written Business Plan | Reuters

The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. In order to cover the startup costs for renting appropriate premises, buying the necessary equipment, setting up an appropriate network infrastructure, as well ot to cater for initial staffing costs, we would hereby like to apply for a loan of 1 million Yuan from your bank. Below is a simulated title page for the business proposed in the executive summary above.

It can, and should be, generated automatically using modern word processors. Introduction Unisoft, a new startup software company, is seeking funding for establishing itself on the educational software market. This may happen either within an organisation, or be directed at an outside organisation.

In order to ascertain the commercial viability of this enterprise, we have already been in touch with a number of secondary and tertiary educational institutions throughout the area, who have expressed a great interest in our products after having seen our prototype in action.

Furthermore, we hope to offer ongoing support to our clients as required. The idea for this business was originally developed by Mr.

Forecasted Capitalization — cober much money will be sought, the form of the proposed investment, how the funds will business plan cover page and table of contents used, and the percentage of ownership to be provided in exchange for the investment.

Cost Control Measures E. See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. Exit Strategy — how and when investors psge be able to get their money out of the business E. We expect that the company can start selling its products within half a year, and to recover the initial costs, including interest, within 2 years from setting up the company at the latest.

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Product or Service Development Pln. The exact format for the title page for a formal document may of course vary according to the exact purpose or target audience.

You should be able to: Key Future Personnel F. Overall Industry or Market B.

Contents of a Written Business Plan

Now that you know more about the structure, front, and back matter of longer formal documents, we can turn our attention to the contents of business proposals. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

In the case of a poorly written executive summary, the executive summary is often the only part of the ane plan that gets read. Background and Purpose A. If such proposals are unsolicited, they may be based on business plan cover page and table of contents initiative of a member of the organisation who has identified a weakness or problem in the way the organisation is conducting its business, and wants to suggest a way of resolving this issue.