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See our software tutorial on queues and skeletons: It cuts down the visual clutter and when combined with the all-caps presentation, the script is very easy to read and is very standard across the industry - including videotape, news and live-event productions. If you need a portable prompter that's easy to setup and strike, for use on locations, I would not recommend this model.

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What is the voltage and the current of the teleprompter cue light? Designed for reading ranges of up to 3m 10 ft. What are the pin outs for the serial multi-button hand control? What are the pin outs for the serial 2-button hand control? What colour font and background should I use on the teleprompter? Professional Series software QPro — add over and above the Starter Series software the ability to create run-orders containing multiple story items, view these run-orders and the prompter output simultaneously, and have multiple controllers connected to the PC.

The packages can be used with any teleprompting software available for download from the Apple App Store.

Autocue QTV - Teleprompters since

What value potentiometer is used in the serial foot control? The filter factor of the teleprompter glass is 0. Low cost prompting and presentation system, ideally suited to educational, corporate and religious institutions, small productions and conferences, and home users. See any errors on this page? Another requirement was the ability to control multiple playout devices, such as videotape machines and character generators, from a central running order.

No - the serial foot control has a different drive card and wiring to the others.

This can be done by clicking the Prompt Tracking button on the menu bar. How do I choose a teleprompter? Ina newsroom application company, DCM, based in Charlotte, North Carolinawas acquired to complement the existing newsroom product range.

In response to customer demand, Autocue has also introduced a low cost range of camera supports and lighting to complement the Starter prompters. Most prompter operators reduce the size of the font for large words so that they fit on a single line.

Prompters - Standard, Freestanding, iPad & Presidential

Open a command prompt and ping the Aufocue by its IP address. You can then open any story in the edit window independently from the position of the on-camera prompt output. All metalwork carries a 3-year warranty. This system worked on an early version of Microsoft Windowsand was named WinCue.

There are optional accessories too, including foot and hand controls, cases and pistol grips for hand-held applications.

Free Teleprompter Online - Autocue QTV

There is no standard font size in the industry. Autocue is a UK based manufacturer of teleprompter systems. When it was introduced init was a finalist for the coveted Peter Wayne Award. If you use a standard glass cleaning product, you will remove the reflective coating on the glass and it will need replacing.

Autocue and QTV were also interested in digital prompting, leading to the development of its own scriptwriting and running order package.

Remember that font sizes that are too big will cause scroll speed issues telelrompter you as well as contextual issues for talent. The main question around compatibility of equipment is one of weight — does your tripod head have sufficient payload capacity for the weight of your camera and lens, and the selected teleprompter? What should I use inverse colours for on the teleprompter?


Make sure you get a response. I've had little experience with teleprompters prior to ordering the Series It cuts down the visual clutter and when combined with the all-caps presentation, the script is very easy to read and is very standard across the industry - including videotape, news teleprompterr live-event productions. I've just installed QPro - how do I get my scroll controller to work?

I figured out a work around, but this auyocue not happen.

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