This same density, however, means that the flame itself cannot readily consume the pile; in order to facilitate the best burn, it is helpful to stir the pile very few minutes so that fresh, unburned material is brought to the surface. Rick, MSRPs depend on what number of pouches you buy as a package. Insta-Fire is very adamant that its product will light in the wettest conditions. I have no doubt that a good number of people reading this review could have worked with this product to get a fire going.

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Banner and Weston donated some of the product to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to support recovery efforts in Haiti, and shipped the product to a Haitian orphanage that used the product to cook food. At the end of the products burn-life, the product can also be used as fertilizer for plants and gardens.

This powerful combination of wood insstafire, volcanic rock and paraffin instafore burns at degrees in just seconds, making it easy to start a life-giving fire on any surface, even wet wood.

Banner says that the ingredients used to make InstaFire are all natural and environmentally safe. Do you have a favorite fire starter? In most instances, a pile no larger than an inch in diameter will give a potential wood-fueled fire a very good chance of starting.

The back of the package says The SBDC helped Banner and Weston outline a business plan, create a vision for the company and get connected to industry partners that have helped to package and market the product. Backpackers traveling in areas without abundant tinder material, or in very wet areas where dry tinder cannot be found. And there was still enough material in the bag to make three or four more fires. Requires ignition Requires a point of ignition to light fire.

Be done insyafire 24 hours. When, some time later, Banner happened upon an elderly man literally creating fire from a rock, he knew put his knowledge of the outdoors and his desire to service humanity to use.

InstaFire 3-Pack

Why there are NO images shown in this page, or in any of the pages you get to when clicking on "image. If there is no usable wood around, a instafie pack of InstaFire can provide you with a potentially life-saving fire for a full 20 minutes. Compare 0 Open Close. Cons Could insrafire get a fire going. Repackage it in a zip-top bag and you can grab as much or as little as you need, providing a wide variety of uses while being pretty darn light weight.

A helpful review, indeed.

InstaFire - Fire Starting Pellets for Camping, Charcoal, and Emergency Kits - Shark Tank Products

Daniel Oates We can always trust the tried-and-true methods! Vaseline and cotton balls? The flame produced from just a quarter of one pouch reaches inches high and burns for about 5 minutes, making InstaFire extremely useful if one needs to heat of couple of cups of water for disinfection or a meal. Have a question about fire starters?

Insta-Fire Starter

Use it as a firestarter for extreme weather conditions, or as a fuel on its own. This makes me eagerly anticipate cooler weather Insta-Fire is also an excellent resource for military personnel or other individuals who need fire quickly or who are under extreme conditions where fire sources are not readily available. All it takes is a match or magnesium striker to get the flames started.

Jones, if he could develop the rock into a product that could be used for emergency preparation. As a fuel material, attention should be paid to the shape of the pile made, as changes to the pile affect changes in the flame pattern. I was very careful not to smother the fire as I added small twigs.

If innstafire see a lower price for this exact item advertised online, in print or in a store, give us a call at 1 The granules vary in size, creating a pile that is very dense, and consequently, resistant to blowing away in the wind.

As you can see, I was unable to get a fire going with the Insta-Fire, even after using a full package 1 package is enough for 4 fires.

The creators of InstaFire wanted to find a way to instaffire a fire in almost any situation. Get answers in the gear selection forum.

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